Tennis, Squash & Racquet Sports

Tennis of Candes Saint Martin
Outdoor tennis courts.
Tennis of Savigny-en-Veron
Outdoor tennis courts.
Tennis of Chinon
Indoor and outdoor courts at Digue Saint Jacques.
Tennis of Lerne
Outdoor tennis court.
Tennis of la Roche Clermault
Outdoor court.
Tennis-Squash of Avoine
Indoor and outdoor courts.
Tennis of St Benoit-la-Foret
Outdoor tennis court.
Amboise Ile dOr
9 tennis courts, incl. 2 clay. Open all year. 1 court in Cangey, tel: 02 47 30 05 47. 3 courts in Nazelles, tel: 02 47 57 03 27. 3 courts in Poce (book at Pharmacy), tel: 02 47 57 17 17. 1 court in Charge (no charge). 1 court in Lussault (no charge).