Tennis, Squash & Racquet Sports

Tennis of la Roche Clermault
Outdoor court.
Tennis-Squash of Avoine
Indoor and outdoor courts.
Tennis of St Benoit-la-Foret
Outdoor tennis court.
Tennis of Lerne
Outdoor tennis court.
Tennis of Chinon
Indoor and outdoor courts at Digue Saint Jacques.
Tennis of Candes Saint Martin
Outdoor tennis courts.
Tennis of Savigny-en-Veron
Outdoor tennis courts.
Amboise Ile dOr
9 tennis courts, incl. 2 clay. Open all year. 1 court in Cangey, tel: 02 47 30 05 47. 3 courts in Nazelles, tel: 02 47 57 03 27. 3 courts in Poce (book at Pharmacy), tel: 02 47 57 17 17. 1 court in Charge (no charge). 1 court in Lussault (no charge).