Wine & Vineyards: Indre-et-Loire (37)

Domaine de la Croix Morte
Domaine de la Croix Morte at 70 route de Bourgueil, Restigne. Open from Monday to Saturday, other days by appointment. Red and pink wines.
Vignoble de la Jarnoterie
Vignoble de la Jarnoterie at La Jarnoterie, St Nicolas de Bourgeuil. Tour and tasting (english spoken). Open from Monday to Saturday.
Domaine Francois Gore
Domaine Francois Gore - Viticulturist in Benais, Bourgueil. Open every day. Tasting and tour. For best reception, please phone before visiting.
Domaine de Bel Air
Domaine de Bel Air, Jean-Louis Loup, Cravant-les-Coteaux. Quad and picnic in the property with booking. Chinon wine.
La Maison de Vouvray
In the several kilometres of galleries dug into living rock, the secrets behind the creation of the still and sparkling wines. The free tasting that follows your visit will give you the opportunity to choose wines.
La Chanteleuserie
La Chanteleuserie at Benais in Indre et Loire. Founded in 1829, the vineyard of La Chanteleuserie (place where the birds sing), is now run by Thierry Boucard.
Domaine Eric Bureau et fils
Domaine Eric Bureau et fils at Le Fresne, St-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil. Open Monday to Saturday - Sundays by appointment only. Situated on the D35 road, direction Saumur. St-Nicolas de Bourgueil, Chinon and Bourgueil wines.
Domaine des Quatre Vents
Domaine des Quatre Vents, Philippe PION, Cravant-les-Coteaux, Chinon. Wine: Chinon AOC.
Vincent Metivier
Vincent Metivier, 51 rue Neuve, Vernou sur Brenne. Vouvray wine. 2005 Gold Medal for sparkling wine. Tour and tasting.
Domaine de la Mariniere
Domaine de la Mariniere, Renaud Desbourdes, Panzoult. Red & pink Chinon wines. In the country, visit the cellar and taste different vintages. Fishing and picnic under the hundred-year-old oaks. Closed on sunday and public holidays.
Montlouis, Espace des Producteurs
Montlouis, Espace des Producteurs, 2 route de St-Aignan, Montlouis sur Loire. Montlouis wines. Local products. An authentique and exceptional atmosphere.
Domaine de lOuche Gaillard
Domaine de lOuche Gaillard, 94 avenue George Sand, La-Ville-aux-Dames. Commented tasting (english/german spoken) in troglodytes cellars, by appointment.
ETS Couly Dutheil
Winegrowers in Chinon, Bourgueil, Saumur and Champigny. Guided visits available by appointment.
Domaine de la Croix Marie
Domaine de la Croix Marie at Riviere, Chinon. Open every day by appointment, except Sundays and public holidays.
Vincent Naulet
Vincent Naulet, 22 rue des Rabottes, Beaumont en Veron. Wine tasting and sale. Red and pink Chinon.
Cave et Vins de Vouvray
Vouvray wine producer since 1921, cellar dating to the 15th century built directly into a cave.
Clos de Nouys
Touraine wines on noble soils. Tour of the cellars. Tasting and sale at the property by appointment every day. At 46 rue de la Vallee de Nouy, Vouvray (37).
St Georges Chambres dHotes Restigne
Chambres dHotes, specialising in wine themed breaks. Located in Indre-et-Loire (37).
Chateau de lAulee
Sparkling Touraine wine to taste and guest rooms for over night stays. At Chateau de lAulee, Azay-le-Rideau (37).
Clos du Vigneau
Vineyard producing red wines at Clos du Vigneau, Le Vigneau, St-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil (37)
Domaine de Colombier
Domaine du Columbier, great wines of Chinon. Open mornings and afternoons. Closed on Sunday afternoons.
Couly - Dutheil, Azay le Rideau
Couly - Dutheil, rue Honore de Balzac, Azay-le-Rideau. Near the castle. From April to November, wine tasting and sale every day.
Le Dit Vin
Le Dit Vin offers you a wine workshop, course carried out in English. Taste and discover different wines from different regions. 1 Rue Descartes.
Domaine des Bouquerries
Domaine des Bouquerries, Guillaume et Jerome Sourdais, Cravant-les-Coteaux. Silver medal winner - Paris 2006. Open every day except sunday. Chinon wine.
Le Clos de lEpinay
Le Clos de lEpinay, LEpinay, Vouvray. Situated in the heart of the vineyard, visit Le clos de lEpinay (300 years old) and taste the Vouvray wine every afternoon from 2pm to 5.30pm or by appointment. French, English, German and Dutch spoken.
Domaine Le Capitaine
Domaine Le Capitaine, 11 rue St-Georges, Rochecorbon. Visit these 11th century cellars and taste different Vouvray wines.
Domaine de la Noue
Domaine de la Noue, 4 rue de Fondis, St Nicolas de Bourgueil. Tastings by appointment: Graviers 2005 / Rose 2005 / Coteau Vau Renou 2004.
La Seigneurie
La Seigneurie, 23 et 25 rue St-Georges, Rochecorbon. Vouvray. Tour and tasting. Sale at the property.
Domaine Rousseau et Fils
Domaine Rousseau et Fils at 3 rue de la Caillardiere, St-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil. Tasting by appointment.
Couly - Dutheil, Chinon
Couly - Dutheil, au Clos de lEcho, route de Tours, Chinon. Near the castle. Wines and antiques. In the caves: tours, by appointment. From April to November, wine tasting and sale every day.
Domaine Vincent Careme
AOC Vouvray, producer of sparkling, dry and sweet wines has tastings and sales by appointment in 17th century cellar. Fluent English spoken. 1 rue du Haut Clos, Vernou-sur-Brenne (37).
Chateau Moncontour
Chateau Moncontour, Vouvray. Tour and tasting. AOC Vouvray and Touraine wine. A great traditionnal wine. Museum of wine: a collection of 2000 tools in the castle cellars.
Closerie de Chanteloup
Closerie de Chanteloup, Vincent Guichard, Chanteloup, Amboise. In the heart of the Loire Valley Castle, in Amboise, la Closerie de Chanteloup is a 9 hectare vineyard, with an history full of emotion. Free tasting.
Cellier Beaujardin
Cellier Beaujardin, 32 avenue du 11 novembre, Blere. Open from Monday to Saturday. Red, white and pink Touraine wines.
Loire Uncorked
Wine tours in the Loire Valley for up to six people offering chauffeured visits to three different vineyards with lunch at one of the many restaurants in the area. Opportunity to purchase wine if wanted. Based in Btez le Chateau (37).
Vignoble Gasnier
Jacky and Fabrice Gasnier produce organic wines and offer tours and tastings without appointment from Monday to Saturday at Chezelet in Cravant-les-Coteaux.
Le Feu a la Cave
Le Feu a la Cave, Cave a Vin Bio, 47 rue Nationale, Montbazon. Wines of the Touraine region.