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We applied for our Residency Cards as soon as the web-site was opened in November (we already have Cartes de Sejour for 10 years).  We received a response with a registration number and a note saying that our application would be passed to our Prefecture, which for our address we assume would be Blois.  To date we have heard nothing further and when I try to look up what action I can take they say that the Prefectures are all very busy and that to send chase-up mails will only prolong matters.  Is there anybody in our region who has had communcation, or new residency cards issued, from the Blois Precture?CarolG

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I am a single retired English man wishing to know if it possible for someone like me to stay with a family for one or two weeks in France to improve my spoken French. If so, what is the situation regarding payments, everyday living expenses, usual arrangements etc?Thanks for any advice and help,geoffchem

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How do I cancel items which have now been sold please.

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Where has the weather section gone?

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Do I have to register for EVERY Dept???I want to move to the area around Mayenne, Pays de LoireIs there a way I can use BOTH sites/ pages???Many thanks:)))

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How do I register my business with this site and how do I advertise please?becksie xsmile - it makes people wonder what you've been up to....

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