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I have brought a lhd Mercedes campervan from UK. I am trying to obtain an 'attestation d'identification' from Mercedes France (no Certificate of Conformity exists for my 2010 model) Here's my problem: the rear access door is on the same side as the driver's side (remember it's lhd) Does anyone know if this will prevent me getting a carte grise? I have read that if the door is on the 'wrong' side it could be a problem. It's causing me real headaches!

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I read somewhere that cars are supposed to have matching tyres on all four wheels in France. Is this the case? I'm planning to have my car CT'd but there are three patterns of tyre - all in good condition. I don't want to go to the expense of buying 2 new tyres.

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I was only planning to be in France till the Summer, but an opportunity has come up to stay longer. My MOT is due, and it would cost £300 at least just to drive it back to Britain to be MOTed. Does anyone know if I could just get a Control Technique instead? I don't want to import the vehicle to France. I'd like to keep it registered in Britain - UK Road Tax and Insurance registered to my UK Address. Would that be valid?Whilst I'm asking, does anyone know a good UK Vehicle insurer who will allow more than 90 days per year in Europe. I'm with Direct Line, and they are saying they can't, even if it's just 3rd Party/Fire/Theft.Many thanks

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Traveling to the UK with a fiat duration van , going by euro tunnel. Can anyone tell me where I can get headlight deflectors for driving in the UK.Thanks in advance for any info

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For those of you travelling to Calais in the near future...Protesters near Calais have blocked the A16 so access to the Calais port/Eurotunnel is very limited today (Monday 5 Sept 2016). The protesters are demanding that the French government set a date by which "The Jungle" camp in Calais will be dismantled and cleared, and vow to protest until a date is set, so it's unknown at the moment when it will be called off. Alternative routes are suggested by Eurotunnel. See their website for information. Safe travels.

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Does anyone know the sort of cost to have a windscreen fitted ?

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My wife and I are travelling in the Loire Valley, France and the insurance with Direct Line is both expensive and only for 90 days. Even if I were to return to the UK we can only have 90 days within a 1 year period. We basically love it here and want to be out for longer. Can anyone recommend a better insurance option asap? If I have to, I'd sell my vehicle and buy a French one, but as far as I can tell, that's not really an option unless I have a French address (which I don't). Would be great to get some advice and info from those of you who are more experiences. I'm also currently travelling without breakdown cover, which is a bit scary, so if anyone could recommend an affordable service that would be great.Here are my vital statistics.I own a 1998 VW T4, which has a bed in it but does not fit the requirements to be classified as a "Campervan"My registered address is in the UK and my wife and I are both British Citizens.My current insurance with Direct Line costs £650 per year plus an extra £52 for every month spent in France. 

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I am travelling on the TGV from Tours to Paris next week and need to leave a 1.98m high car at a secure car park. Would be hugely grateful for any suggestions. Many thanks

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Is there by chance anyone going back to the UK in the near future with an empty car trailer?  We have an MGF which needs transporting back to the UK to a garage in Littlehampton, West Sussex. We would of course contribute towards costs.  We live in Normandy just off the A84 not far from Avranches.

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We bought a 2CV about 20 years ago and it's been in the garage ever since. We have a carte grise for it, but we didn't do anything about this at the time. Now we wish to sell the car to someone in the U.K. Can anyone tell me what to do about the carte grise?

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I am in ther process of French registering my 2002 UK Peugeot Expert van. So I have just had the ct done to which it failed, due to the wheels. Unbeknown to me my van has 15" wheels fitted whereas they should be 14" apparently.   The 15 " wheels were fitted to the turbo model, and hey ho, mine is the non turbo type, but obviously before I bought it, someone decided to change them, grrrr.   To make matters worse, when I last went back to ther UK, I had two new tyres fitted to the front !!!   The van is also the same as the Citroen Relay and Fiat Scudo. So I am asking this....,  does anyone have any 14" wheels for sale or better still, does anyone out there have the same vehicle with 14" wheels that I could loan for HALF HOUR just so I can get my ct. Of course I am well prepared to pay for the grand gesture if anyone can help me , please please. Awaiting any serious replies. Thanks in advance. 

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Hi everyone - I'm thinking about hiring a mini-bus for my daughter's birthday day out, and wondering if anyone knows of a reasonably priced hire company? Thanks.

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Has anyone living in Loir et Cher 41 exchanged their UK driving licence for a French licence through the Prefecture at Blois? My husband and I  submitted all the necessary documentation to the Prefecture's office in April 2013 and despite telephone calls, recorded delivery letters etc,., we are still no further forward.  Our UK licences  were retained as part of the application  and we were given letters to present if stopped by the Police.  These letters have now expired and despite having telephoned  requesting either a renewal letter or, better still, our French licences we have received nothing. Please, if you have used this service at the Blois Prefecture can you help by telling me how your application progressed.  Any help / comments will be much appreciated. 

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My Landrover keeps not starting.  I turn the key and the lights come on but no brmm brmm.  Can anyone tell me what it might be and know of a good, reasonably priced mechanic please? Thank you for any assistance

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The electric windows in my car have jammed shut, can anyone recommend a car electrician please?

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My car brakes are not functioning properly - Master cylinder I believe. I cannot drive it to a garage, is there an English speaking mechanic in the La Chatre area?

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I have recently bought a secondhand car in the UK and I'm just about to go through the process of registering it in France. I know the documentation I need to register it but does anyone know what I need to have for the Controle Technique? For instance, can I get the Controle Technique before my Certificate of Conformity arrives or do they need that?

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can anyone tell me how to get a replacement number plate? Someone has damaged mine and I'[m worried the police will tell me off for it not being properly legible.

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I currently drive a French-registered RHD car which is getting on a bit. If I was to buy another RHD car in the UK, could I either a) trade in my old car or b) take my old car to a breaker's yard? What would I have to do with the Carte Gris on my old car? Any suggestions?

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Hi, Not knowing this part of France but having to pick some one up at the station in Tours I wondered if anyone could kindly advise on how easy (or difficult!) it may be to park a 7 metre vehicle in, or near to the station? We have to meet the mid-day train on Thursday 22 and would appreciate any info on the best place to park. Thanks.

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