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I read somewhere that cars are supposed to have matching tyres on all four wheels in France. Is this the case? I'm planning to have my car CT'd but there are three patterns of tyre - all in good condition. I don't want to go to the expense of buying 2 new tyres.

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The tyres on each side of the axel should match. This means that they should be the same make, size and specification. You could however have two tyres of one make on the front and two matching tyres from a different manufacturer at the rear.

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Thanks for the info. So it means I'll need to change one tyre - maybe put the odd one on the spare, which is fairly worn.

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I had a funny one today - went to get 2 new tyres for my Land Rover Freelander (I had 2 recently in UK, because they had been slashed) and was told by the tyre depot that, because it was a 4x4 they would only sell me 4.  So I went to another and, after a phone call to Michelin, they agreed to sell me 2 to match the 2 nearly new tyres. Is this a French rule, or just an attempt by the dealers to make more profit?

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