Carte grise for a camper van - rear door position

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I have brought a lhd Mercedes campervan from UK. I am trying to obtain an 'attestation d'identification' from Mercedes France (no Certificate of Conformity exists for my 2010 model) Here's my problem: the rear access door is on the same side as the driver's side (remember it's lhd) Does anyone know if this will prevent me getting a carte grise? I have read that if the door is on the 'wrong' side it could be a problem. It's causing me real headaches!

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bandy 1513080989

The issue that you refer to is with the side door - which on a UK RHD camper can open on to the road rather than the kerb, when driving on the right - not with the rear doors. However, this is an urban myth anyway, so no worries for you. As long as it's a bona-fide camper then you should have no problems.

Allan-Black-916649 1513081477

Bandy, if you're right (and I don't doubt you are) you've made my day! Cheers

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