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Hi. I'm looking for a group or band to play at my daughter's wedding in July. It will be near Argenton sur Creuse and the wedding party will be nearly all English. Can anyone help? Thanks

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There are a couple of entertainers listed here :

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Thanks for that. I hadn't found that section as I'm new to Anglo Info.

zebrastripedboots 1392716891

No probs, always glad to help where I can!

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Could you let us know how you got on with finding  a band or group, would be useful as we are planning a big party later in the year.

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We haven't found one at all. We have decided on a DJ instead and a friend is doing it for us.

Hope you have better luck.



wendyliz-946284 1394365650

Hi Beryl.


Further to your post re entertainer, the following is the telephone number of a singer living near La Chatre with 25 years experience. It may be worth contacting him if you need someone.

Anthony Wilson, tel: 02 54 30 84 34


Regards, Wendy

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