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I am a struggling fiddle player (Old Time American and Bluegrass are my kind of music) and I have need of a good teacher.  My husband and I sing and play this kind of music and I want to incorporate the fiddle into our act.  I did have a really good French fiddle teacher, but she taught Irish music.  That was not such a problem as any techniques on the fiddle are most welcome, but unfortunately, she was very unreliable (I only managed to get 12 lessons with her in a year!  She just did not turn up for several pre-booked lessons!) and so I have now finished with her. Does anyone know of a teacher near the le Blanc (36220) area, .  I would be grateful for any information.  Thanks  

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Until you find a local teacher have you considered tuition via skype?  Alot of teachers use this method nowadays and while it may not be as good as being in the same room as your teacher, it will definately help you progress. So your teacher could be in the uk or doesn't matter.

SImply search on google for "fiddle lessons using skype" and loads will come up.

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Thanks Tinkatonk.  Had already explored that avenue but it is very expensive.  Can get some 'lessons' via Youtube but would obviously prefer a real, live person.

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