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Christmas has arrived - perhaps a little early for some - in the form of the Tours Christmas market.  Opening hours are Sunday to Thursday - 11 am to 7pm and Friday/Saturday 11 am to 8pm.  Details of the additional festive events including visiting Pere Noël (of course), Christmas workshops and the Marché Gourmand de Noël can be found on line at www.tours.fr.  Click on the tab market "Noël à Tours" for a complete guide to the events on offer.

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Bal Folk et Stage de Danses - La Tazonniére (Salle des Fêtes) De 15 à 18h Stage: Bourrée à Huit de Poisieux et Branle d'Ecosse - level required - able to dance a simple bourrée.De 21h Bal Folk avec la Bande à Francoise bring a picnic basket if you want Stage: 6€ Bal: 7€ Stage + Bal: 11€ Details: 02 54 30 99 08 (English speaking)http://www.toufeu-toufolk.org A wonderful way to make new friends - there will be a few English people.

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Its the annual wine festival in Chinon on 21st April (it lasts all day) and spills into every restaurant at night.Plenty of wine to sup ( I mean slurp and spit out) all for the cost of a glass.Lots of music on as well, a great day out, but remember don't drink and drive.

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Le Sonneurs de la Vallee Noire perform their annual spectacle w/e 119/20 Nov See http://sonneursvalleenoire.free.fr/calendar.htm for full details

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La Nuits de Antan - visit "old La Châtre" as it was in the reign of Louis XIV. Sat 20/08 to Sat 27/08 incl. from around 20.30 every evening. see: http://www.lanouvellerepublique.fr/LOISIRS/24H/Les-Nuits-d-antan-debutent-samedi for details.See you there - I play my accordeon with the Sonneurs de la Vallee Noire who play and dance for you before and after your tour. Dave

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Easter Sunday 24th April at Parnac(36170) The C.D.F are hosting a Foire starting at 9h00 at the Church Square . For Midi on offer will be starter + steak and chips + cheese + dessert 15€ For the evening 19h30 onwards - starter + omelette/ jambon+ cheese +dessert 10€ All day BAR - Fish and Chip Van - Exhibit of old photos from Parnac 24+ stands including; Cheese, Tin Can Alley, Fish and Chips/hamburger, Plants Bio La maison Seule, Tombola, Beers from Biere23, Cake Sale, Coco-nut Shy, Garage Beigneux, Hoop la, Sale of Vegetable Plants, Raffle, Suntrapgardeners, Whack the Rat, Boxwood Designs, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, etc. Everyone is welcome

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Hope someone can give me some advise. My parents have a sky dish butwant to switch to Freesat+ can the Freesat+ box be used with the sky dish ?This would allow them to get free sat tv with the facilities that ""plus" givesfor free via the sky dish which is already set up. Is this right ? before I buythem the freesat+ box. thanks

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The Comité des fêtes of Parnac 36170 are looking for artisans, producers and crafts people to exhibit and sell their wares/services at the Easter Sunday Foire. On Sunday 24th April. Stands are free, for further information please contact Brendan at brendan.brand392@orange.fr Please include in your email your name, address , Tel. No. products/services for sale, how much space you want and any other requirements you have. Parnac is just 4 km north of the Limousin Closing date for bookings is 15 March

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This is the one time of the year when I really miss the festivities of the UK, and perhaps some of you do too. Does anyone know of local events for 37/36/86 - apparently there is a carol service in Martizay in English (sorry, but it has to be done at Christmas!) but I don't know when. Any other local info, dates or websites would be welcome please. I've tried a quick search on line for Christmas events but can't come up with much, unless of course you are interested in events from 2007 as shown on one website ...! Many thanks

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Hello, I've recently taken up drumming and am wondering whether anyone knows of a good teacher in the Richelieu / Chinon / Loudun / Chatellerault area. I've got my own drums (or will have when I pick them up in the UK at Christmas) and am looking for a rock drumming teacher. I'm an adult (in body only) on the path to rock stardom (well in my head I am).There are a couple of 'ecoles de music' but they want to teach all techniques and most of what I've read about learning to drum says that you should choose your style and stick to it. Any help would be great, or anyone who's learning an instrument and would like some mutual moral support it'd be great to hear from you.Cheers

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Singles in France (SIF) Having become single myself, I thought it would be a good idea to try to join together as many people as possible, we can discuss and plan evenings out or events, All ages welcome, It's on face book so no fee's or charges and advertising isn’t allowed, a completely voluntary group of people having fun, you don’t have to be single but it is tilting in that way, all I ask is that you live in France and you make friends with me for admin reasons only, but you don‘t even have to do that if you not want to, Our membership is growing to all parts of France and we also have a map to show where we all are, it is only a guide so exact locations will never show. Also your other friends won’t know you are part of the group unless you tell them. It’s a good way of making friends in France that are like you. In the search window in face book type this: Singles in France And click the join button. Hope to see you soon.

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Now casting a new television show for HGTV. Looking for American couples (ages 20's to late 40's) or families that have recently purchased a permanent home in France, Italy or Morocco. Homeowners should be planning to renovate at least one room in their new house. Shooting needs to begin before the renovations start. If you or someone you know would like to be considered for the show, please email me at andrew.hecht@liontv.us

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Hi everyone My first attempt at "e" communication ! I have a maison secondaire in Beuxes (86) where i plan to settle as soon as the uk property market gets my equity Back ! For the time being its a holiday home . Does anyone know if I can import a uk TV for video/dvd only without needing a French tv licence ? 130+ euros a year is a lot for 4 weeks viewing .

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Raising money for "Help the Heroes". 10euro per adult and 5euro per child. Food wine and soft drinks included in price.for more details contact Karen on 0297 080233

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Dobro , Guitar player and singer would like to join a Bluegrass or Country band.etc. Mike Matt

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12Th June there is a music festival in Troo, Loir et Cher (41800). last year there were at least 20 bands playing in different venues all over the village. A good fun night if you like music starts around 9.00pm. Bring stout walking shoes, it's very hilly and a torch lots of small paths. Enjoy

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Hi,there is a fundraising concert and bal on Saturday 22nd May at 18.00 in the open air at Nohant, near La Châtre. The village is famous as the home of George Sands and money is to help save the village church. The musicians are from various folk groups around the Berry and all performed together last year for the Nuit du Berry. Entrance is only 5€ and free for children. Food and drink available.

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I loved the book 'A Year in the Merde' and I just read that the author stephen clarke has come out with a new book -1000 years of annoying the French- Can't wait to read his latest! It sounds hilarious. Here is a kind of summary of the book: http://www.stephenclarkewriter.com/book-stephen-clarke.php?id=00017

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Every year there're special discount days at the movies where all tickets to participating movies are eur3,50. Dates for this year's fest are 21 to 23 March (not all movie houses participate and it may not apply to any films in VO English - but still worth having a look! http://www.printempsducinema.com/ See here for what's on at the movies: http://centre.angloinfo.com/information/movies.asp

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For anyone who may be interested, it is being show in Chartres and Tours in both VO and 3D. http://www.cgrcinemas.fr/tours2/http://www.cineparadis.fr/horaires/

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