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hi all can anyone tell me if you can some how link up to the sky channels that arent covered by "free view" as there are quite a few that you could get in uk but cant get here without paying a package fee . i know if you had an address in uk you can bring your card over . any help would be greatfull thanks

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27/28 November at the Tarmac, Chateauroux, a spectacle of dance and music from the old days to now with 170 dancers, 40 musicians and 30 singers from local groups. This will be followed by a grand Bal Folk. See http://www.lanuitduberry.fr/accueilV3eng.html for details.

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Our Group Folklorique, Les Sonneurs de la Vallée Noire, is performing it's annual spectacle this weekend 21/22 November. It is a local historic story with lots of dances and singing and even if you do not understand the berrichone language it is worth a trip out, particularly as it is FREE! Last year the 2 performances were too crowded so this year we are performing 3. To this end tickets are required but can be obtained free from the tourist office in La Châtre. Saturday 21 Nov. 20.30h, followed bty a bal folk.Sunday 22 Nov. 14.30h and again at 17.30h. There will be a shorter bal folk after the last performance.Usual bar facilities available.

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Probably a stupid question, but thought I'd ask it anyway. I am about to buy some DVDs for Christmas from Amazon in the UK. As my other half is French, they need to be in English, but have French subtitles for him. I have looked and looked at the descriptions on Amazon, but can't seem to find info on what subtitles any of the DVDs have.The last lot I bought were 50/50 on having language options, so I am wondering if there is anywhere online you can get specific info about what is on a disk. Amazon has the specific disk ID/ASIN number, so was thinking that there must be a database or something somewhere.Thank you in advance for any information.

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Hi folks, For those of you who are interested, a free dance spectacle (Empreintes Chorégraphiques) will be performed by the troop "Ad'âme" at the Espace Agnés Sorel in LOCHES on Thursday 19th of November at 8:30 in the evening followed by an expo of photography by Jimmy BONNARD. I MUST insist on the fact that this spectacle is performed by artists suffering from Downs Syndrome and is based on the National week of handicapped persons. For more information or to confirm your presence, please contact MEETS : 02 47 59 19 00 So the more visitors we are... the merrier. See you all there hopefully Chocs

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Saturday 12th September there is a great dance at the Grange, Chassignolles (36) The band is K'danse Folk and the entrance is just 6€50.

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Hi All Does anyone know where we could watch UK footy on canal plus at a bar in the dept, We live near Le Grand Pressigny but are prepared to travel. We are two Man City fans - and would love to watch our team this weekend if poss Sunday. Cheers

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This is a fantastic event - now on until saturday 29th August. It is an event run by enthusiasts every 2 years. They close off part of the old town centre, remove all cars, hide signs etc, turn off street lights and light the place with candles. You are then taken in small groups around the town where you see re enactments of life from a hundred years ago. See the dentist pull teeth without any painkilers, see the historian writing his manuscript, see and old market taking place, meet the madam with her younger ladies.... The Sonneurs de la Vallee Noire play and dance traditional dances in old costume, you can have a meal, and as always there is a small bar. You need to book as it is very popular. Contact the tourist office for information and bookings.

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Went to see La Nuit des Chimères in Le Mans "Cité Plantagenêt" the other night, a truly wonderful (free) light show. We parked in the Antares car park out side of Le Mans for 3.90 Euros, they give you free tram tickets for all the people in the car, journey to the city centre takes about 20 minuets and is in a comfortable, ultra modern clean tram. The French do these things so well. It's on until September, Tuesdays to Saturdays. Well worth a visit for people of all ages.

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Anybody who likes music should try to visit Troo on Saturday the 13th June. The annual music festival takes place and this year there will be between twenty to thirty bands playing, in various locations all over the village, in peoples gardens in the squares in car parks etc... It's a good fun evening, and the music is varied to say the least. If you do attend (it's free) make sure you have good strong walking shoes and a torch as some of the pathways up and down the hills are tricky in the dark. Enjoy

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Channel 4 in the UK are making a new medical documentary, whereby they seek to compare the different public health services in the UK. They are look for British people in France who are about to undergo surgery. For more information, please contact Melissa on +44 (0) 207 422 8253 or email her on mariab@fftv.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Sunday 8th March, 15.00 at La salle des fêtes, La Châtre. La sonnerurs de la vallee noire and the town silver band.

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does anyone know of any brocantes coming up soon in areas 36,37 thanks Jim

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My husband and I have recently moved to the Vendome area into a house that has been our holiday home for 20 years. We know hardly any French or English people nearby and making french friends is very difficult as our french is very limited. We would be interested in meeting up with any English people living in and around this area - we have heard that there are quite a few English resident in the Montoire area. MoR

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The Sonneurs have their annual costume spectacle the weekend of 22nd/23rd November at the Salle des Fetes in La Châtre.This year it is a fictional story about a young man from about 100 years ago, Baptiste, who gets married and it includes all the songs, music and dancing that would have accompanied the wedding. Although of course it is in French (Berrichonne), it is still an enjoyable spectacle. Entry is FREE and there is a small bar available:Saturday 20.30Sunday afternoon 15.00 and after the floor will be cleared and you can all join in the dancing!

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Does anyone know when the chateau is open for visits? I tried to google it but couldn't find the website (If there is one!) Thank you!!!

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The new season is under way so why not come along and join in the fun?There are many workshops around the centre for learning the French folk dances, and many from other countries. The 'Bal Folks' are under way most saturdays so why not be ready. It is also a great way to get 'integrated' with the locals. I am involved with a weekly workshop at Chassignoles (36) on Tuesdays at 20.00 in the new salle des fetes. We are also holding a Bal on Saturday 4th October at 21.00 (yes, they start later here but also finish much later then in the UK) There is also a weekly dance workshop at Arthon (36) on Wednesday evenings from 20.00.

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What is the name of the town where they have the jazz near Loches, it is usually around this time of year as it coincides with my partner's Birthday.

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my 4g ipod (40Gb) battery is slowly dying so i need to replace it. does anyone know where i can buy a battery? thanks.

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Does anyone know if it's possible to have a visit of the underground passeages at Amboise Chateau, I remember reading that they were thinking of opening them up to the public. Belle of the ball

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