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I have been using Orange for my Internet supply for the past 12 months and my monthly payments have just increased to just under 50 Euro a month, far to expensive. Has any one got any up to date information on a cheaper ISP. We are in Cher department 18. Thanks, Mike.

started by: Fondriest · last update: 1216979300 · posted: 1216827019

Is there an equivalent to Netflix here- where you can rent online and the movies are sent to you in the mail? I'm really missing having a good selection of movies! Thanks.

started by: margaret-326178 · last update: 1215852179 · posted: 1215852179

The fete is this weekend Saturday to Monday

started by: Bella-326089 · last update: 1215209960 · posted: 1214988114

Does anyone know if there is an airshow at Amboise this year, we went a couple of years ago and it was a really good day out Bella

started by: Squeezy-324801 · last update: 1213950839 · posted: 1213950839

So summer is here, just, and it is festival time. If you like music and dance then there is no better starting place than ST Chartier. some 130 instrument makers have stalls in the chateau grounds where you can lokk, hear, try, and buy. Many unusual instruments often with very cheap hand made for children. Concerts in the evenings and dances in the village, usually all night. http://www.saintchartier.org/index-en.htm

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Any get togethers or jam nights for fellow musicians then do please let us know or bars where they hold live music events, thanks. http://www.myspace.com/chewtheroots

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Hi Please can anyone tell me which Chateaux near to Chinon hold Son et Luminiares this June, also, can you say how good they were, how much and how long they lasted. Many thanksAnnie

started by: Squeezy-324801 · last update: 1211498325 · posted: 1208874911

Come along and dance at Chassignoles on the 3rd May, 21h at La Grange. Great local folk band playing hurdy gurdy, bagpipes and accordeon.

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my girlfriend is visiting and we heard a song on the radio the other day and she really liked the song so i'd like to buy her the cd. we couldn't figure out what the dj said, all i got was his name is christophe something. he has kind of a slightly raspy voice and the song was kind of folky-pop. i know its a bit of a long shot, but thought i'd ask if anyone might know who it coudl be.

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I've been trying to find a good source of online music to listen to while I'm working. Variety is key as I get bored with the same genre all day. Can anyone suggest a site? Thanks.

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I hear she is playing in Tours soon. Anyone know where and when?

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I'd like to hear what you have to think about dubbed movies here in la belle France. I don't get how a country that claims to be into art and artistry can think it's perfectly ok to dub foreign films. Why is this done? I love living here, but find dubbing so offensive because it takes away from the film as a whole and doesn't allow viewers to hear the original actors deliver the lines.

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We went to see this last week and it's well worth it. Very funny and if you don't speak brilliant French don't worry - just read the synopsis to get the general idea. It is not difficult to follow! Christian Clavier and Josianne Balasko. The critics were not kind to this film but we just laughed and laughed. It's on in Angers and I think on general release. Jean HTMorannes

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does anyone know of an event on new years eve? am on the borders of Indre and Creuse. Merry Christmas.

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does anyone know about the winter skating rink in chambrey? mollie

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the wife would like to go out to the movies. are there any theatres (around Tours) that show movies in english? do they sell buttered popcorn (of vital importance to her)? cheers

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Hi Can anyone confirm that there is a Christmas market on in Culan, on 2nd December. Thanks in advance

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This is well worth a visit this weekend. Beautiful chateau and it will be beautifully decorated. Plus, of course, all the stalls. Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.Jean HTMorannes

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How about trying some local folk dancing - the old fashioned "Barn Dance" or "Celeidh" as they are called in the UK. When I lived in the UK, near Norwich, I was involved for 10 years with a club where we played and danced French traditional dances, many coming from the Centre France, George Sands style. This is a wonderful way to help getting integrated with the locals and is also good for keeping fit. The local dance is the famous Bourreé and is great fun with thousands of variations, most named after local villages. But you also get to dance polkas, waltzes, schottiches, mazurkas, and many other styles. Many of the old dances here have words if you are lucky enogh to discover someone who knows the words.There are many dance clubs in this area to start learning but also most saturdays you can find a "Bal Folk" not far away. These are very friendly affairs, very cheap, and with cake and coffee at midnight. Contary to dances in the UK they do not stop at 11pm but usually continue till 2/3am when the musicians are too tired to carry on.For starters a good site listing many such dances is: http://calendrier.musictrad.org/dates.php?region=Centre Hope to see some of you this year at your local dance!

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I'm ever hopeful, does anyone know if you can get curries delivered here in France?

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