started by: George-325404 · last update: 1190990649 · posted: 1190717802

I was looking at the ticket prices for the operas and noticed that there are last minute tickets. Has anyone used this facility? Are there many tickets available and where are the seats.

started by: old trucker-325123 · last update: 1190505824 · posted: 1190505824

I have heard there is a quiz night soon at Pre -en-Pail ??? Last one was great , so i hear , ,,, any info ??? volvo man

started by: Fondriest · last update: 1190036487 · posted: 1189782643

Because I don't know when to keep my big mouth shut, I've been assigned the task of making a local dish (side or main) to take to a lunch tomorrow. Any suggestions ?!

started by: Foo Fighter-325773 · last update: 1189620721 · posted: 1189614540

I've got relations visiting soon and they want to stay at an auberge/hotel at a winery. Any suggestions for a nice place somewhere in the area? Thanks. Dan

started by: Squeezy-324801 · last update: 1187945377 · posted: 1187904847

This film is a must - saw it this afternoon and it is wonderful. Have seen bits in the original form (english/american voices) but the local French version is just right. Kids will love it.

started by: Sugar-325573 · last update: 1187790714 · posted: 1187337083

Where would I find a yoga class (beginers), near Manthelan (37)

started by: bubbles-325035 · last update: 1187593293 · posted: 1187540593

There is a night market this Tuesday 21st at Amboise, we went last year an there was lots of street parades, wine and food tasting, great for the visitors!

started by: Belle-325698 · last update: 1187549656 · posted: 1187538781

Would anyone happen to know if there is a jazz festival at Montlouis this year? Belle of the ball

started by: Ginger-325482 · last update: 1187294043 · posted: 1181114926

Does anyone know if there is anything slightly near to Fish and Chips here in this part of France? Either a shop (dream on!) or in the shops?

started by: Legless-325564 · last update: 1187211671 · posted: 1187165333

There is an agricultural event in Loches this weekend, has anyone been before? I was wondering if it was worth going to?

started by: Shazza-325627 · last update: 1186823305 · posted: 1186743263

Can anyone tell me where the Jazz festival is this weekend? I think it's Loches but not 100% sure.

started by: Pickles-325440 · last update: 1185491526 · posted: 1185467791

I heard a rumour they are coming to Tours! Can anyone give me more information?

started by: Shazza-325627 · last update: 1185467361 · posted: 1185390060

Anyone know where there is a good Disco in the Tours region?

started by: mollie-325293 · last update: 1185196701 · posted: 1185184654

The latest Harry Potter is being shown in Tours (studio) in English for another 3 weeks. showing times listed in wednesday Nouvelle Republique. mollie

started by: Shazza-325627 · last update: 1184796206 · posted: 1184789562

I want to take the kids to see the Harry Potter movie in English, I have found a cinema but can't find the age limit, is it ok for a 7 year old?

started by: Moo Cow-325515 · last update: 1184255816 · posted: 1184237520

Last year we went to this Misic festival in Genille but I haven't seen anything about it this year. Any one know if it's on?

started by: Shazza-325627 · last update: 1184243590 · posted: 1184099161

This is our first Bastille Day here, can anyone tell me what the programme usually is for a typical day.

started by: E.E. · last update: 1183382691 · posted: 1183374909

Is there anywhere in 37 I can pre order the new Harry Potter book out in July?

started by: Legless-325564 · last update: 1182893694 · posted: 1182868110

I understand there is a big Jazz Festival in Tours area this weekend, does anyone have more information?

started by: bubbles-325035 · last update: 1182418760 · posted: 1182418760

Does anyone know if there is anything happening tonight around the Loches area?

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