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Last year we missed a really good Jazz Festival near Tours does anyone have details about it this year?

started by: Pickles-325440 · last update: 1180611114 · posted: 1180606341

Last year we went to the Rose Festival in Chedigny,(37) does anyone know when it's on this year?

started by: Vera-325473 · last update: 1180358901 · posted: 1180022520

Does any one know where there is a vine yard on the way to Preuilly sur Claise? I had some of their wine the other night and it was delicious.

started by: Mr Webb-325481 · last update: 1179787167 · posted: 1179591340

Does anyone know if it is possible to have Salsa lessons in France? We used to have lessons in the UK and would love to carry on here.

started by: Vera-325473 · last update: 1179740676 · posted: 1178697465

Last year I missed a wonderful event in Ciran (37), it was dancing and fireworks, if anyone knows anymore can they let me know when it is this year?

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I have heard there is a bowling alley at Tours, can anyone tell me where it is? and directions would be helpful thanks. Fun

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Does any one know if the Tour de France will be coming this way this summer?

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Does anyone know if the Carvaggio paintings are still on display in Loches?

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When we were in the UK we had Fajits for the first time, is it possible to buy all the spices in France so I can make them here?

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I want to hire a DJ and have a disco, anyone know where I can find someone?

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There is a band playing tonight in the bar tonight in Paulmy (dept 37). It's Delta Reggae what ever that is and starts at 9 p.m.

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I've seen these advertised around. What are they?

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We have French Digital Telly. Don't know why..... but. I've watch Knight Rider in French, and it was actually better. I think the original was unintentionally funny. David Hasselhoff seemed to take himself SO seriously that he was a caricature. Watching it in French was hilarious! I love France, but there is something about dubbed American Cheesecasts that doesn't really work, however well it's done.... I found myself wondering ...why? Has anyone else seen any really funny programs in the same vein? Always a pleasure.

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Come and have a great time at our 3rd village Bal Folk this Saturday. We start at 15.00 with 3 hours of training for dances from the south west of France with a band and dance instructor from the Gers. In the evening, after a picnic tea, we have the Bal with the band from the Gers and our own local Berrichone band. A great way to get fit - dance the Bourreé! St Dennis is near La Chatre in the Indre. See you there...

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Went last year , fantastic , going again this year , but how can i get to see cars at speed , ie mulsanne or arnage straights , i have booked for "vert" parking , near the village , not frightened of walking , do the public have access to the trackside between "arnage" and "maison blanche "area ? i have the 61euro ticket "enceinte generale weekend ". any old 24hr diehards out there ?? volvo man

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Donkey Fair on Sunday 8th April at Poulaines, near Valencay (page 151 F/1 Michelin France 2004 atlas) along with a large vide grenier/brocante. If you want a laugh then a great place to go with kids especially watching slightly over weight French guys with a little too much of the red, white or rose, some dressed in traditional costume, trying to persuade half ton of donkey to go into a gymkhana ring let alone getting the thing to walk up a see saw or perform a host of different tasks. We went last year and had a blast, had to go to the hospital in Loches to have my sides stiched back up!! Many different things to see and do, many breeds of donkey and side stalls with a funfair (normally in the streets with the brocante) plenty of chances to try andoulleite or whatever that foul smelling sausage is called. Suggest getting there before lunch as it does get very busy, maybe take a picnic and enjoy. Jonny

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I've just finished a run of reading some really lovely books and I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good read? As the summer approaches i spend less and less time in front of my TV and more time reading in the garden so i like to get stocked up! I recently read Labyrinth by Kate Mosse then I read the Lost Art Of Keeping Secrets by Eva Rice, the last one was a real Chick Lit book - Sophie Kinsella, Undomestic Godess, so now i'd like to read something a little more brain taxing! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!  Have a good day!Sungirl

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Like Blues music? The Avoine Blues Festival dates have been announced - fab! Details at this link: http://centre.angloinfo.com/information/whatsonwhat.asp?Cat=7 Cheers,Bobby

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Just took a browse through the angloinfo bookshop, as I want to stock up on touristy info books for guests coming. Can anyone recommend anything from the list at this link please?: http://centre.angloinfo.com/bookshop/

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I fancy a bloke day out. Does anyone know where you can go Karting, or Paintballing, or stuff. I feel the Testosterone building..... Always a pleasure.

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