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I read on another angloinfo forum that Status Quo are due to be doing a tour around France. Does anyone know if they will be playing in Loire or Centre regions? I quite fancy a nostalgic trip! Au revoir,John et famille!

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I have heard of a shop somewhere that does English sausages. I could quite go for bangers n Mash. Does anyone know where?

started by: Newbee-325189 · last update: 1175245929 · posted: 1175077955

What am I going to do with them? Kids are 6 & 9. Any suggestions most greatly received! Vive la france!Newbee

started by: Suzie-324890 · last update: 1175245758 · posted: 1175188258

Just been taking a look through the what's on guide on this site - and it looks like the big wine-tasting season is upon us. When the vignerons swing open the doors and invite us to sample their treasures... one of my favourite times of the year! http://centre.angloinfo.com/information/whatsonwhat.asp?Cat=8 Thanks,Suzie

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Anyone looking for Indian Spices can log onto www.spicesofindia.co.uk they will deliver here. Sell Food, Spices, Cooking Ingredients and they have recipes. Not quite the same as a take away. So those of you looking for a nice spicy curry look no further.richardiere

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Hello all, I'm looking for recommendations of good museums to visit in Indre et Loire or Indre please.

started by: Suzie-324890 · last update: 1175162251 · posted: 1175093944

Has anyone visited 'Loire in Miniature'? I picked up a brochure this morning and it looks good - all of the major Loire Chateaux but in miniature. Recommended or not? Thanks,Suzie

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i hear there is a bit of a get together sunday at pre en pail ,,, anybody got any info , sounds like fun , sunflower

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Coming down to 24hrLeMans this year ,,,,, anybody know if there is a concert this year ,,, we had The Charlatans last year ,,,great ,,, ??? sunflower

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has anyone been to the Puy Du Fou , whats it like , ?? sunflower

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what a good turnout for the "vide grenier" at Le Malidor camping and caravan park , shame about the weather , beautifull location . you could have bought anything there , there was even some poor chap trying to get rid of a beaten up old mondeo ,i offered him 10 euros but he was too honest and turned my offer down . joking aside well done to the organisers . sunflower

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Hi, Does anyone know of a definitive guide to British / Irish Bars and Music Venues in France? Or does anyone know of any they could recommend? Thanks,Suzie

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I'm looking to plan a weekend of exploration in the Loiret this coming weekend. I like to get in the car and drive, with a destination in mind, but the journey is just as important.. I have spent a good deal of time travelling Indre et Loire and Indre on recent weekend jaunts and found some real gems.. Are there any hidden gems to be stumbled across in the Loiret, I wonder? Any suggestions to take in on route would be most welcome. I thank you... Vive la france!Newbee

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It must be a weekend for getting out and about. We decided to explore Indre (dept 36) today. Le Blanc was lovely to wander round and we had a great meal in the square. Then we came across Le Grand Pressigny - what an adorable little place! I like our little forays into neighbouring departments! What's it like to live in Indre - southern Indre did seem exceptionally rural with no towns or shops for miles, and miles in some places... I assume most people live in the North of Indre?Thanks,Suzie

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Where could I get a list of dates and places of car boot sales / vide greniers?  Any help appreciated. Thanks,Suzie

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Just popped in to check the movies for the coming week: http://centre.angloinfo.com/information/movies.asp Miss Potter's coming to town! 28th March! Cant' wait! Renee Zellweger, Ewan McGregor... Bliss... Thanks,Mary

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Line dance caller wanted please email me or contact paul at the Malidor, You will find his details on the Pay de loire site listed under Camping and caravan sites

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I visited a friend in the Mayenne (53) today (long drive!). She's off tonight to a local hotel (English-run) for a fish & chip night, followed by live music. I'm really envious! Any such thing in Indre et Loire??? I live in hope... Thanks,Mary

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Found this site while browsing the net: www.curryfrenzy.com. If you make the curry gravy recipe and use it as a base for other recipes on the site, I think you'll find it comes pretty close to a good old take-away! And great for warming you up on these cold nights!Au revoir,John et famille!

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I've been listening to the radio a lot recently. There does seem to be a lot of UK music played, but I wondered what the actual french music scene is all about. Who are the big bands? Any ideas? Always a pleasure.

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