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I'm looking to explore the area this summer, so I was hoping that you could all give me some pointers. What are the must-see locations? Things like Chateaux, market towns, Restaurants, Geographical features (I have heard of Trogladite caves), Museums, scenic drives, lakes, historical sites, vibrant night life, basically anything that floats your boat...... No point in moving here and sitting in front of the TV! Lets be having you!Always a pleasure.

started by: bubbles-325035 · last update: 1170704314 · posted: 1170688202

Is there anywhere here in dept 37 where you can buy good old english sausages? I know they very unhealthy and are meant to be full of rubbish but call me old fashioned the Sunday morning fry up is not the same without them!

started by: Suzie-324890 · last update: 1170516636 · posted: 1170440948

We're off out for a meal at a Routiers Restaurant tonight. Fabulous value for money - 12 euros for 3 courses (help-yourself buffer starter, 5 choices of main course and choice of 4-5 desserts). Included is all the wine or cider you want and bread and cheese board. And the food really is good! Anyone got a favourite routiers they can recommend as we love trying them out when we're on the road.Thanks,Suzie

started by: Mary-324759 · last update: 1170432633 · posted: 1163604171

Great to see that there are more great english-language movies showing in Tours. Anyone interested, can view more details on this site at: http://centre.angloinfo.com/information/movies.asp#Tours Thanks,Mary

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Disco-Indian supper to be held at Petit Pressigny Salle des Fetes in aid of Breast Cancer Care trek to China. Tickets 15 euros children 5 euros prizes and dancing to 60s/70s music. Come along and chase away those winter blues! For tickets please call 0247 91 08 42 richardiere

started by: melody-324974 · last update: 1169148547 · posted: 1169148547

Thierry (Titi) Robins is at Fontevraud Abbaye on Sat May 26, 8.30pm. He has a style of Spanish / Arabic / Indian and in our humble opinion is absolutely amazing. Tickets are 20 euros and application forms are available on line from www.abbaye-fontevraud.com

started by: Wannabe-324807 · last update: 1167397817 · posted: 1167397817

We are looking for some entertainment for new years eve in the area of Tours - does anybody have any suggestions please?

started by: Suzie-324890 · last update: 1166892678 · posted: 1164806545

Does anyone know of a good supplier of locally-reared free-range geese / turkey. I want to find one prepared for the Xmas table. Last year I thought I had ordered that from a local farmer but he brought up a large live turkey which I couldn't prepare myself! The turkey is still enjoying its freedom with a friend...Thanks,Suzie

started by: Wannabe-324807 · last update: 1166533690 · posted: 1165569227

We are staying near Tours from Xmas eve to new years eve. Any suggestions for places to visit; towns, markets, walks, festive spirit, shopping, excursions etc? We have cars but would not want to travel more than an hour or so.

started by: melody-324974 · last update: 1166281456 · posted: 1164052884

Is anyone interested in playing music with me = classical or french / english folk music - I am a beginner with the latter but I played piano and recorders to above grade 8 in my heyday and I just love playing french / italian musette style with my ancient very big piano accordion and more recently folk style with the little one - but i wnat to learn melodeon, that is diatonic accordeon, for bal type music. My partner, also is able to sing and play the tambourine. SO ... is there any musicality out there.

started by: Wannabe-324807 · last update: 1165400879 · posted: 1163844496

We are staying in Chinon for a few days in January, and would like some ideas of places to go/ things to do / good restaurants etc etc in and around Chinon. we also have a dog so want ideas for doggie-friendly places aswell as places to go as a couple. Any information greatly appreciated, thank you.

started by: bubbles-325035 · last update: 1164887071 · posted: 1163430692

Any idea if it's possible to buy a digibox (sky) in France. Mine has given up and christmas is not far away...

started by: richardiere · last update: 1164627982 · posted: 1158673162

For those that don't know me my name is Suzanne Howlett and I have accepted a challenge of a lifetime, in April 2007 I will be setting off to Beijing to take part in Trek China organized by Breast Cancer Care.  I will be trekking for 6 days walking at altitude of up to 8 hours a day.  Taking part is a great challenge for me. I have pledged to raise at least £2750 approx €4000, so I am calling on my friends both here and in the UK to support me in this fund raising.  I am holding a Phoenix Greeting and Christmas Card Party on the Wednesday 27th September at 2.30pm if any of you are interested in coming along to support this very worthy cause please give me a ring 0247910842.  I look forward to meeting you all. richardiere

started by: melody-324974 · last update: 1164295866 · posted: 1159916825

Mediaeval dancing - first and third wednesdays of the month  20h to 22h in MAISON DE CULTURE ET LOISIRS, LA ROCHE POSAY. The two teachers are experts in their field and can speak ENGLISH but the simple dance steps and music are the most important thing. You have to listen in french so you learn language at the same time.   It is calm, demanding on some occasions, 21st century costume is ok, with really friendly people. I am not the teacher. I have been to five lessons throughout the summer. Email me if you need more information.

started by: rebecca-324768 · last update: 1163012784 · posted: 1159360688

Not been on the Whats On Guide for a while but have noticed a few events which i fancy going to..especially the Glen Miller Memorial Orchestra, think it would be a fantastic event. Found information at: http://centre.angloinfo.com/information/whatsonwhat.asp?Cat=1 becksie xsmile - it makes people wonder what you've been up to....

started by: john37-324883 · last update: 1161683905 · posted: 1161366960

Hi all. Anyone know of any big events being organised for Halloween in Indre et Loire? I'd love to take the kids along to something... Au revoir,John et famille!

started by: Suzie-324890 · last update: 1160648530 · posted: 1160313145

Does anyone know where i can get a good decent strong french mustard?Thanks,Suzie

started by: Mary-324759 · last update: 1159609829 · posted: 1159522532

Does anyone know if you can rent DVD's by post in France, similar to the type of thing that Amazon and Tesco are doing in the UK? Thanks,Mary

started by: rebecca-324768 · last update: 1159466866 · posted: 1159360535

Have only just noticed that Pirates of the Caribbean is now showing in English in Tours...been wanting to see this film since it was released..now i can :-) found all info on this link. http://centre.angloinfo.com/information/movies.asp becksie xsmile - it makes people wonder what you've been up to....

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So the summer holidays have ended and what to do.  Come dancing, integrate with the locals.  I now live in the Indre, 36, near St Chartier, where I spent many happy years holidaying at the international festival for instrument makers and musicians.  What a wonderful life, dancing everywhere in this delightful part of France.  In my village we have a thriving folk dance club every week with live musicins and 50 plus dancers, and I also dance and play at another 2 similar clubs not far away.  There are Bal Musettes every week in this area and this, to me, is great fun, no dances like this at all in the uk.I am amazed that with the high number of expats in this area I have never met any at dances - come on - integrate - the local people are so welcoming. For details of your local Bal Folk try:http://calendrier.musictrad.org/dates.php?region=Centre http://www.viellux.com 

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