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Can anyone recommend the best place to start playing golf - a total beginner, never done it before but would like to give it a go.  Anywhere between Tours / Saumur? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!   Cheers,Bobby

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For more information on this guided tour, visit this link to the AngloINFO What's On Guide: http://centre.angloinfo.com/information/whatsonwhat.asp?Cat=25 Kind regards,Michelle

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Hi there - great site. I am looking to come over this summer and a friend has told me there is a cool jazz festival in June/July. Can anyone help me with more details? Fiona

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The racing season is too short at La Roche-Posay - I've just looked, and there are only two more meetings ... 20th August and 3rd September. We all had a great time last year - anyone else interested ? Blue Skies

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AngloINFO Centre-Val de Loire now has an English-language Movie Guide - updated weekly with information on English-language movies showing throughout the Centre-Val de Loire region! Click on the link on AngloINFO Centre-Val de Loire front page: - · - This week's English-language Cinema in Centre Val-de-Loire- · -  Or check it out at this link: http://centre.angloinfo.com/information/movies.aspKind regards,Michelle

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I've just been having a look through the AngloINFO What's On Guide, with a particular interest in what events & festivals are coming up in the region.  You can have a look at this link: http://centre.angloinfo.com/information/whatsonwhat.asp?Cat=7 I have lot's of family and friends visiting over summer and it's always good to get out and about with them.  Looks like there's plenty going on over July & August!   becksie xsmile - it makes people wonder what you've been up to....

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What's everyone up to for Bastille Day on 14th July??? Cheers,Daisy

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Committed, dedicated and very experienced professional drummer with own recording studio is looking for a band or musicians of similar standard. Norman

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I'm a massive Pink Floyd fan - I was chatting to a friend who lives in Istanbul and he seen Roger Waters play there last week and now I hear that he's coming to Paris on Bastille Day! Because the concert's being held at the Grand Prix track, you even get access to watch the drivers practicing through the day, with the concert being held in the evening. More info at this link: http://www.rogerwaters2006.com/ Who else is coming along???  It's only 90 minutes on the TGV from Tours to Montparnasse in Paris! Have a good day!Sungirl

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Can anyone help please. Will an English TV (PAL ) work in France using a standard French Aerial? If not what do we need to do?Thanks,Suzie

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Hi everyone, Does anyone know of any Vide Greniers going on this weekend, around the Blois area?  My husband and I are addicts! Thanks for any info in advance. Thanks,Suzie

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I'd very much like to visit some art galleries in the area, i'm particularly interested in seeing the work of some French artists - any ideas?! Preferably depts 37,41 or 36 as I don't want to travel too far. Cheers,Bobby

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I've just been looking at details of the Jour de Loire Festival in Indre et Loire in May, in the AngloINFO Whats On Guide: http://centre.angloinfo.com/information/whatsonwhat.asp?Cat=17 It's apparently been running for 5 years, has anyone been along to any of the villages / fetes involved?  Where are the best spectaculars?  It sounds fantastic and it's always nice to get involved in the community events! Cheers,Bobby

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..... an afternoon / early evening BBQ A group of us are getting together on Sunday 21st May for a BBQ and some fun If you are local(ish) to us - would you care to join us as well ? We're close to Decartes and Ligueil, and aprox 25 kms from Chatellerault  - we can send you directions  Looking forward to hearing from you Carole  

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I just love to dance, love the old 70's hits with good dance bop beat. i am over 40 so where so I go? I do not want to go to a cattle market pick up joint I want to dance on a good floor (preferablely sprung wood).   Night Fever

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Hello everyone, I have 2 young children and I'm looking for ideas for places to visit in the upcoming Spring holidays from school. Any recommendations welcome!   Thanks,Mary

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I love vide greniers / brocantes - it's especially nice browsing around now that the weathers warming up! I know of a couple that are on locally but does anyone have any information on the rest of the region please?  I'm looking forward to filling my weekends up by getting out and about and discovering the area and would like to visit different vide greniers / brocantes. Thanks in advance for any info! Thanks,Mary

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Has anybody got a favourite traditional French restaurant/bistro near to Usse. Reasonable prices? Somewhere I can take my friends when they arrive, for great French food! Cheers,Daisy

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Anyone know of any St Georges Day events in the region?  It seems there're always events for St Patricks Day, St Andrews Day and even St David's Day but never St Georges Day. Any English bars doing anything, perhaps in Tours? If not, we must organise something for 2007! Cheers,Bobby

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