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Hi, I've read a lot of the information available about the requirements for  UK french residents wishing to marry in France. I notice the birth certificate for a UK citizen has to be less than 6 months old. Does this mean that my original birth certificate will not be accepted? Do I need to apply for a new copy?Has anyone experienced this please?T.I.A.Anne

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In case anyone is interested, just wanted to share that I have started a new Facebook group for au pairs coming to the Loire Valley and host families.You can find the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1055683481227027/Or by searching "Loire Valley au pair"

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Hello,I am moving to Orléans from Paris in about a month and am very worried about my daugthers not hearing any english anymore. I am franco american and don't speak english to them much so I would really love to find a playgroup or english speaking people to hang out with!!Can anyone tell me if there is somewhere where the anglophone mom and kids meet up?? Or if there is any particular thing I should know in order to get to hear some english :)Thanks for your replies Sydney

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We have recently moved to france. I found out a few months back about CAF (Caisse allocations familiales) and that for two of my children are entitled to some money at the start of the school year.I've been working on the dossier and I rec'd a letter saying that I need to prove that I'm not recieving any benefits from the UK. I am not from the UK/and have never lived there, my husband a Brit but he hasn't lived there in almost 20 years. He has no idea who to contact, does anyone know where I can get an attestation from the UK stating that we don't receive any benefits or support? Any advice is appreciated.Thanks a lot,Nan

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Do any other mums and dads have a list of when the school holidays are please? I did have a letter with it on but can't find it anywhere now.

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I know its still a little bit early but we are on a budget and have to spread our Christmas shopping out. This year I want to get some gifts for the kids that will encourage them to get out and about and try new things - basically video games, electronics and plastic toys are banned! Does anyone have any ideas for what we might get them - I was thinking membership for some sort of activity club would be good...

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Hi Anyone know of any English-speaking playgroups in the area? Or activities for English speaking families? Any help would be great.

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Are there any special events going on for kids for Halloween?

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My daughter has been becoming more and more anxious about school over the last couples of weeks, and seemed very low after today. She says its not for any specific reason like bullying, but she just feels overwhelmed and wants to cry when she thinks about being there. Any suggestions?

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My youngest was learning to swim with arm-bands last summer and really loved it, but this year refuses to go in the water and declined to go on a beach trip with some good friends last week. I've tried to talk to him about it, but he says he just doesn't like it/feels nervous... so far I've not pushed the issue but I think its important for kids to know how to swim and I guess at school they might do swimming lessons, which will be a problem if he doesnt want to participate... any suggestions?

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We have been invited to our French friend's baby's christening, havent been to one even in the UK...so I was wondering what sort of gift to get?

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Talking to some friends in the UK and their daughter is thinking about putting her French studies to the test and coming over here for the summer - but she'd need to get a little job to support herself, does anyone know if there is any possibility of her finding work, or is it unlikely?

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My daughter is getting to the age where she wants to be going off with her friends and coming back later in the evening. She already has a mobil phone (of course) and is very good with keeping it charged, but I wondered if any other parents had suggestions to keep my mind at rest - for example I was thinking of getting her to pop a reflective jacket in her purse in case she is in a car break down or has to walk along a dark road....I'm not overprotective, but do think there is a need to be aware and wary these days....

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Hi, we live on the boarder of three regions 18 and 23 are two of them.  My daughter currently goes to Lycee in Commentry.  She has been the subject of bullying and has decided that she would like to change her Lycee and course.  She would like to do an apprentiship dealing with pre school children.  As we live near Boussac I thought that would be a good place for her to work as I will obviously need to ferry her back and forth.  Unfortunately we do not know where to go to get advice and support.  Her term finishes in mid June so we do not have much time.  Her current Lycee will not help as they do no want to loose her as she is a good student.  We need to find a Lycee that will take her on and support her and also a nursery where she can carry out the apprentiship.  Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated please.

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Could anyone help with advice on which Aires are good to stop with a baby. We are travelling from the south and are looking to stop somewhere in the Tours/Le mans area on the autoroute for a decent break and hot meal. I am travelling with a 9 month old so would like her to be able to stretch her legs if at all possible and have a crawl about... no idea if this is at all possible as i haven't  travelled on the auto routes with a baby before!  Any recommendations welcome.     

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A neighbour has asked me to post on here for advice. Her children have been in school for two years over here and the families financial situation has gotten quite bad recently. which means it is a worry about how they will get text books, does anyone know if there are grants for low income family students or somewhere that sells  cheap second hand books?

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Does anyone know if we as Brits can get identity cards for our children, my son is 16, i don't want the expense of buying a passport, any ideas ?

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Hi  We live in 37 and are son is finding it difficult to meet people as he was to old to go to school here.

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Hello, does anyone know of a french mid wife who is willing to do a home birth? We live in the 37,41,72 triangle.  Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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