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Hi, I've read a lot of the information available about the requirements for  UK french residents wishing to marry in France. I notice the birth certificate for a UK citizen has to be less than 6 months old. Does this mean that my original birth certificate will not be accepted? Do I need to apply for a new copy?Has anyone experienced this please?T.I.A.Anne

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Hi Anne

Sorry that no-one has responded to you locally . . . It is not your actual Certificate of Birth that matters, it is the legally acceptable formal translation that needs to be less than 6 months old. You need an accredited translator to provide this - start with the Directory button on the top banner of this page.

The key thing, of course, is to go into your Mairie and check with them - it is your maire who will actually marry you, whatever else you decide to do with regard to a church service, or booking a venue (which may be licensed for weddings).

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Thanks V. much.

I've been to the Mairie and they showed me the acte de naisance register, which is progressive and records marriages, divorces etc. and is therefore (I think) a real-time record of an individual's status. I can understand why there is a 'time limit' on this, for a french citizen, if you ask for a copy, but, of course, there is nothing similar in UK. Unfortunately they couldn't help with how to deal with 'etrangers' (it's a small, very parochial, commune).

Thanks again..the translation will be new, in time for the marriage.

rgds Anne

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