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My daughter is getting to the age where she wants to be going off with her friends and coming back later in the evening. She already has a mobil phone (of course) and is very good with keeping it charged, but I wondered if any other parents had suggestions to keep my mind at rest - for example I was thinking of getting her to pop a reflective jacket in her purse in case she is in a car break down or has to walk along a dark road....I'm not overprotective, but do think there is a need to be aware and wary these days....

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alberto greenfingers 1401784060

You are totally right chocomania, while I don't think we need to be paranoid, its important for all of us, young and old, male and female to know how to stay safe and minimise problems. Maybe your daughter and some of her friends could sign up for some self-defence/personal safety classes - valuable knowledge to have.

chocomania 1401789337

Hi alberto

I hadn't thought of sending her to classes - I mentioned it just now and she is "well up for it" and is going to see if her mates want to do it to, so do you know of anywhere thats running classes?

Mimicat-87063 1401795343

As a  family we all have the "find friends" app on our phones, it's a way of seeing where someone is IF we're not able to contact each other.  As we live in the country it's also very helpful if you break down in the car as  it can be used to pinpoint your location.  

chocomania 1401867461

Hi Mimicat - This app sounds interesting, is it a free one? How do we go about installing it (I'm not an expert on these new fangled phones, it took me about a month to figure out how to answer the thing!)

Mimicat-87063 1401885654

I can't remember if the app was free or whether it was a one off purchase, my husband installed it so unable to say if it is easy to do so or not, we use iphones.  I'm not sure if the app is available on other models but if not I imagine you'll find a similar app for your phone.  If you're with Orange for example you could go into one of their shops and ask for help or see if any of your friends are phone handy.

chocomania 1402079993

My daughter is currently figuring out how to install it!

alberto greenfingers 1402392511

sorry I don't know of any classes - perhaps her school would know of somewhere?

richait 1403294495

you should have her electronicly taged as well as a detective tailing her. you can only try so much and when you try to hard they soon tell you where to get off, if you try to be to over protective you will soon alienate them. i have been there and got the t-shirt tread carfully.

regards richard.

chocomania 1403601008

You make a good point richard, of course my daughter needs to have her freedom and I'm not one of these people who has to know where she is 24/7... luckily, she understands where I'm coming from with having concerns for her safety and is really good with checking in etc...

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