swimming fear

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My youngest was learning to swim with arm-bands last summer and really loved it, but this year refuses to go in the water and declined to go on a beach trip with some good friends last week. I've tried to talk to him about it, but he says he just doesn't like it/feels nervous... so far I've not pushed the issue but I think its important for kids to know how to swim and I guess at school they might do swimming lessons, which will be a problem if he doesnt want to participate... any suggestions?

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zebrastripedboots 1406108259

Could something have happened to frighten your son and put him off swimming? He might have hurt himself in the water, or seen something on TV thats upset him?

having fun in france 1406625652

Hmm, good points, I think I'll have to have another chat with him and ask if something upset him...

chocomania 1406722806

Maybe he doesnt feel confident enough to go without armbands but feels embarrassed about needing them?

having fun in france 1406892801

well, you hit the nail on the head... he told me in the end that he didn't feel safe swimming yet but was worried older kids would laugh at his armbands.

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