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Hi,Does anybody have any experience of the International School / St Denis International School, Loches? any info. greatly appreciated.Many thanks

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I am looking for any children english or french with a little english for my daughter who is 15 yrs old in the indre dept we live in small commune near bommiers she goes to school in issoudun after being here for a year we cant seem to find many english in this area she is struggling at school they promised extra french lessons and after a fight of 7 months still no joy so i was wondering if there is someone in our area who is experiencing the same problem we are also near la chatre for schools but indre is our area i have tried looking for bilingual schools in chateauroux area they all seem to be far away she is in a private school at the moment anyone out there

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Please does anyone know if it is possible yto take English style a levels here for a child that is bilingual?

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Hi In order to give our son a bit of a helping hand we are looking for someone to give extra maths lessons. Does anyone know of a French maths tutor who is available after school or at weekends to get our son up to speed??

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My wife is due to go for a mammogram and other tests and has heard stories of being kept waiting , bare breasted, in a open area. One story was also that a patient had been asked to attend her consultant's surgery whilst she wearing no clothes at all. My wife is very apprehensive about attending the clinics under such conditions - are these stories likely to be correct? T I A for your comments or advice Justin

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We have recently discovered that we no longer have any health care! When we originally arrived in France we had health care under the E106. Then my husband started a business and therefore paid into RAM but after the business closed this only entitled us two years health care which expired in October 2008. I thought once we both registered as unemployed we would be entitled to something but apparently not. We are therefore seeking private health care and would appreciate any recommendations of competitive companies in France or in the UK that can cover us as a family. I need to sort out 'toute suite' as my son is due to travel on a school exchange in December and therefore he needs to ensure he has relevant cover.

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Hello, I would like to meet English speaking mothers with children. I am 1/2 English, 1/2 French, married to a French man. I speak English to my 7 mths daughter but would love her to meet other children. I saw there was a post on playgroups. Did anyone ever start one? I am prepared to organize them if anyone is interested. Isabelle

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My friends are thinking of putting their daughter into the private school in Loches next September, does anyone have any expereince of what it's like?

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Anyone know when the Night Market in Loches is held? We missed the one in July Thanks Belle of the ball

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We are moving from Kent to Bossay-sur-claise on the Th July 2008, we have 2 daughters, one 12yrs and one 16yrs. they would like to meet French and English children around the same age group living near by. They will both be going to school in September in Prieuily- sur- claise.Any tips on how to make the transition any easier for them, we have a tutor arrange for the summer to help with their French. Maggie Pordage maggie p

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My son will be starting in troiseme in September and in preparation I want to get him focused over the summer and consider what he could do to help himself. Can anyone make any suggestions as to what subjects and modules are covered so I can steer him in the right direction and is there any good books or/and online sites that you have found to be good and beneficial?

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I need to sent a form off to CAF in Tours and can't find an address anywhere on the web site, can some help please Thanks Belle of the ball

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I'm looking for a German teacher to give my son lessons during the holidays. Does anyone have a contact? Thanks

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My husband and I are transferring to Blois from the Paris area and will be moving to La Chaussée St. Victor in July when our daughter will be 8 months old. We haven't had much luck yet with the leads from colleagues on finding child care for our DD. Any suggestions on how to find a full-time nanny to come to our home (not live-in, and French mother tongue preferred)?

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My kids eat vegetables but only peas, green beans and courgettes ( which is already not bad for kids). But they hate everything else. Any ideas on how to cook other veg for them so that they have a more balanced diet. Recipe ideas would be great - am worried that they will get so bored of those veg that they'll stop eating any veg altogether - they had frozen beans at least 7 times last week!

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I came across this, looks like good news for some! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/global/main.jhtml?xml=/global/2008/01/25/french-health.xml

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The Connexion newspaper is looking to speak with British expatriates who have enrolled at university in France. We are doing this to make a comparison between the way student life is financed in the UK and France, in terms of fees, grants, loans etc. Please contact Tony Todd on 04 93 08 31 03 or reply to this post if you would like to contribute to this story. Thanks Tony Tony Todd Tony Todd

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Hi all Does anyone know where to go for good (and relatively cheap) maternity wear near Chateauroux? Thanks! Nina

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Some friends of mine (and their 3 kids) are considering moving to France and would like some info on what the schools are like in the region (they haven't narrowed it down to a town yet). Seeing as I have no kids, I really don't know. Is there a website out there that might have some info? Thanks in advance.

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We had a great day out at Beauval Zoo last week, there were lots of baby animals there too. Highly recommended! http://www.zoobeauval.com/pratique/horaires.htm

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