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Hi, just decided to sell up but wondering if there's any interest out there at present, from people looking for properties that need some updating?

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Does anyone know how TEOM is calculated? I know it is based on Taxe Fonciere. My costs have increased by almost 600 euros this year. We are only 2 people, no business to run. Thanks

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........Can anyone tell me what happens to the house which we jointly own? I have two children. We are not resident in France it is a "maison secondaire".What, if anything should I do? I will be very short of money, so?

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I am looking for an accountant in our near Tours. Need help with salaries and the possibility of setting up a company. Any leads would be a great help.

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Hi, I am in the process of applying for a tax rebate from HMRC taken from from private pension over the last 4 years from drawdowns and a final lump sum.The tax deducted was at 20% whereas the french require 7.5% as told by my local tax person. Does anyone know if this subject also to the 8% health cotistation that I already pay here please? 

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Hi, Is anybody interested in the cessation of Winter fuel payments to UK expats in France, over 60 years old? The cessation of WFP is being discussed at this link: http://normandy.angloinfo.com/forum/viewtopic/116450/0/winter-fuel-allowance/24 It is an emotive issue for many  (but by no means all) UK ex-pats; feeling morally or legally hard done by, made worse by a feeling of impotency.  There are however signs that not all is lost, the 'Case C-503/09 Stewart', took years to resolve, but in the end, achieved at least a couple of years WFP. Make sure you claim your allowance, even if it is rejected; should the case be resolved in our favour, then you (or your heirs) will have recourse to a back-dated award. Anne

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I have just received my "avis d'impot sur le revenu et prelevements sociaux." 2014, for income in 2013. I am confused about CSG and CRDS charges being levied on my state pension (taxable in France). I received it for the first time, part way through 2013, a total of approx €2500. Charges levied amounted to €198. I am convinced that I should not have to pay these charges. I think I made a mistake in my declaration. Specifically, I entered this amount in Box 8TQ of annex 2047. I think 8TX may have been a better box, but even that has a levy against it. Can anyone be specific about which would have been the correct box to declare my state pension please? Rgds Anne

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Hi, Before I go into battle (again) with EDF/ERDF can anyone offer advice on the following. EDF send me bills for my power usage; ERDF maintain the network that supplies the power. I have suffered power outages for a number of years since asking for the rating to be increased to 15KVa. I now discover, (via a knowing neighbour) that my supply to the house is 3-phase and is controlled by a 3-phase contactor (owned and installed by EGF, predecessor to EDF/ERDF). My house circuits, however, are only single phase and as the rating of the contactor for each phase (set by EGF) is only 25 Amps, the maximum power I can achieve, on one phase, is less than 6KVa. I believe some correction, both a re-installation of the contactor and reimbousement of charges for a higher rating are in order. Anyone any advice on this please? Anne

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 Does anybody know if there is an English speaking Helpline for Groupama Insurance France?   

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I'm guessing that No social charges are aplied to UK rental income in 2014? What I would like to know is on the tax form 2042 k, there are two boxes 8TI and 8TK. for rental income. As we don't pay UK tax on rental income I was going to put the net figure in box 8TK, but I was thinking this would attract social charges? if they are charged? If this rental income was put in box 8TI tax exempt because its UK based (no tax is paid because its below the personal allowance) then would this have any affect? As we are both below any tax liability in France or the UK does it matter which box the amount is entered in?  

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Has anyone had problems getting their Life Certificate countersigned? Personally, I didn't, but I know some people who have. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-25243993?fb_ref=Default

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Hi All, We have agreed a price and are in the very early stages of the process for a property in Indre (36). Within the 'compromis' we wish to add a clause to the effect that the sale will only be completed subject to being able to obtain the necessary permit(s) to extend the house into the attached hangar to form a salle a manger and an additioinal bedroom. As the prospective buyers is it possible for us to approach the Mairie to submit an application at this stage (ie not being the leagal owners) to confirm whether or not premission would be granted thereby allowing the sale to proceed, or is it only the property owners who can make such an approach? Thanks for any advice/tips that anyone can offer.   Regards, Mike

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Morning Everyone, Can anyone offer any recommendations relating to "good professional" insurance brokers or insurance companies who arrange Building/contents insurance? We anticipate to be settling in Indre within the next month or two. Thanks for your help Mike

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Hi  I have a French bank account cic opened in bayeux , i need to transfer money in a few weeks to buy a property, do l need to go to my original bank in bayeux , or can I go to any branch in France and transfer the money i have been told I can only transfer from my original branch, but the property l am buying is in the saumur area, so obviously it would be better if l could do the transfer from saumur annwaddy 

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As an auto entrepreneur my wife has received a form from our mutuelle, Répam Santé, regarding our ‘Attestation Fiscale Année 2014’. It refers to article 154 bis of the ‘Code General des Impots’ and under the heading ‘Maladie’ indicates an amount that she paid and that as a ‘profession libérale’ she must declare. Does anyone know where on the form this should be declared? Thank you

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Hi all,   My Bank in Levroux has closed and seems to think that it is no problem for me to spend several hours  plus expensives to travel to another town/city to get some cash  !!!  I would welcome any feed back about transfering to another bank in Levroux (preferably if some english spoken) also I have been told  (hearsay I know) that there is a charge  (hidden ) for making withdrawals from another banks ATM ? any truth?. kind regards   Geoff    

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I live in Spain and the pensioners here are making an effort to change the chancellor's mind about the Winter Fuel Allowance. I have friends in other European countries who will also be effected by this and I feel that if we all pull together, the government will realise that we pensioners are not apathetic and that we are a force to be reckoned with. The British Government is going to stop winter fuel payments to people who live in warmer climates. In order to get these changes through  they rely on the apathy of us pensioners. They expect us to accept it saying, "well what can I do?" I believe that we can do a great deal but only if we do it together. There is a petition on the Brithish Government website, you can search for the winter fuel allowance petition on,  http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/ if 100,000 people sign it, there is a good chance that it will be discussed again in parliament. Another thing we can do is to bombard the chancellor with questions via public.enquiries@hmtreasury.gov.uk which should make them realise that we will not be ignored. Let us Make a stand on this....... The usually meek and mild F. W.

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Hi, Has anyone received their W.F.P. yet for this winter (2013/14)? I last rang DWP about it earlier in January and was told there was a 'backlog' and no payment date was given. Before I ring again, would like to know if anyone has been lucky yet. rgds Anne

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Hi, Just wondering if any of the readers can give me some info. I have the beginnings of a business idea, but before I make any further steps, I wanted to know whether there is a minimum income to get onto the small business scheme here (is it called RSI? new to this sorry!)

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