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Does anyone eat at this restaurant (we do and its fab) and know what's happened to them?.  They went on holiday about a month ago and now when we phone to make a reservation all we get is a recorded message saying they're not there at the moment......  I fear either a marital breakup or they've gone bankrupt.  They did the best menu du jour I've ever eaten, and I've eaten a lot.........

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hi we will shortly be staying near the Uni in Le Mans on a Monday night and wondered if anyone could recommend a nice bistro or similar to eat in the evening.  Not too expensive but not fast food. tia

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Join us on the July 4th and July 5th at the Château du Petit Thouars, a family château and winery located 10 minutes from Chinon New York watercolor artist Carol Gillott of Paris Breakfast (http://parisbreakfasts.blogspot.fr/) will be exhibiting her work and the courtyard beside the château will be open for you to enjoy your own picnic lunch! There will also be composed picnic plates available as well, in addition to goats cheeses from Véronique from La Roche Clermault and cupcakes from Chez Teresa in Fontevraud L'Abbaye. Discover the wines of the Château du Petit Thouars and a unique family history that spans the globe from Touraine to the United States, to Peru to Tahiti! 11h30 to 18h30 Saturday July 4th and Sunday July 5th Château du Petit Thouars Route de la Chaussée 37500 Saint Germain sur Vienne 02 47 95 96 40 http://www.chateaudptwines.com contact@chateaudptwines.com

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What are everyone's favourite french recipes? Looking for your tips and tricks :)

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Has anyone got any tips for cooking and serving lobster for the first time?

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has anyone seen after eights for sale anywhere... i know you can get "off brand versions" but i want real after eights as its a joke gift (took them for my girlfriend on our first date and sat on them in the taxi!)

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I was given lots of avocados but unfortunately they are really hard. I've heard that you can put bananas next to them to speed the ripening process but it doesn't seem to be doing anything so far...does anyone have any other tips?

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Can anyone explain to me how to make mayonnaise at home please?

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My previous topic on snails has got me thinking about other "wild foods". Back in UK I used to pick brambles, wild garlic and hazlenuts and I'd love to do some foraging here. Do any other readers go foraging? What is safe/legal for us to pick in this region? Any other comments or thoughts welcome.

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a spanish friend is alwys telling me that back home they collect snails in the countryside and process them at home for paellas. I would give it go but I am worried about food safety. Do people do this here in france, if so whats the process used

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Can anyone suggest a local white wine to drink with seafood?

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Does anyone know where I can buy them?

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has anyone got an nice ideas for using cherries?

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Can anyone help me find out if there is a limit to how mant bottles I can put in my car?  We enjoy tasting and buying wine from the vineyards here in France. However my french friend tells me there are rules on how much you can put in your car and drive with. This is wine for personal consumption within France. I think she may be thinking of taking wine out of the country (uk customs do stop people who carry vans full of booze, I know) but she is adamant its within France.  Nobody we've bought wine from has indicated there is a limit but it wouldn't be in their interest. any ideas on this.

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has anyone seen easter eggs for sale?

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Hi, can somebody tell which of the many flours on offer which one is "Self Raising" ?  thanks

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A vegan friend of mine has been posting some great recipes to facebook and a lot use something called nutritional yeast. Does anyone know where to get it as I'd like to give it a try?

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Can anyone give me any tips for juicing things like spinach?

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Hi, I daresay its been asked before but I'd be happy to hear from anyone who has found a Chinese Restaurant based somewhere between Chatearoux and Limoges that they would recommend? We tried the one at La Souterraine and it was OK but I'm hoping to find something better!

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has anyone seen cranberries for sale yet?

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