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Hello!I'm resident in France since 2006 and have had a Carte Vitale since 2009. I want to go to Singapore in August and stay for four weeks. I've been told I can get travel insurance through my mutuelle. Does anyone know about this?

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Can anyone offer a lift to a French lady currently in Somerset (we can take to meeting point) and her dog who are stranded in uk after having car stolen? Her dog is spaniel sized. 

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I see that an airline is starting scheduled flights from Chateauroux (CHR) to London-Southend (SEN) from 26/4/18 twice weekly through until the end of the year. The airline is IGavion who have a summer schedule from CHR to Nice for a number of years. This year they will base an aircraft at CHR and also open a service to Lyon (LYS) and other French destinations.  The London route Looks very useful to me with fares from 49 Euro one-way including a baggage allowance!

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Hi,Anyone know what is going to happen to the old police barracks, near Point- Vert, that have been up for sale, in Preuilly?Anne

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I have a satellite dish and a Sky box but no Sky card. I can receive the main UK channels plus free to air channels such as Really, Pick etc. Following a recent storm, some of my channels were lost and I want to re-enter all the channels but I don't know how to do it. Does anyone out there have any ideas?

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Our last employers paid us each month gross wages. I want to know whether they should have paid French tax on this.

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Is there any social groups that meet that welcome English speakers near Amboise? 

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I have a question which I hope somebody can help me with. My wife and myself have lived in central France for just over 10 years. We both receive UK state pensions. When we came here, we went to the CPAM office in Chateauroux and got a Carte Vitale for each of us. We also have top up health insurance and UK EHIC cards. I was always under the impression that any health treatment we received here was ultimately paid for by the UK government. However, I have just read a letter in The Connexion about NHS care for pensioners. This letter has an editor's note attached which says that 'under the UK rules on non-residents using the NHS, British state pensioners whose healthcare is paid for via a UK S1 form are entitled to free NHS care, including in hospitals'.My question is this: What exactly is an S1 form. We have never heard of this before and I'm certain we were never asked about such a form when we initially sorted out our Carte Vitales with the CPAM. Is this something we should have and if so how can we get it? Any information would be gratefully received. 

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Hi,Has anyone experienced using the tramway in Tours? Is there a 'Park and Ride facility at he southern end ?ThanksAnne

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Does anyone know of any cheap, good restaurants in the Chenonceau or Athee-sur-Cher area - or within 20 minutes drive? We are coming down there (from our home in Brittany) for a few days at the end of June and as we only do 'casual' we are not looking for top-nosh eateries, just basic, good food! Also, is there anything that we really shouldn't miss whilst we are there? (not chateaux, we know that already!). Thanks in advance.

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I have just bought a very old classic car and had a shipping company bring the car out. He was traveling on the Newhaven to Dieppe ferry and arrived in Dieppe at 4am on Tuesday the 24th January. Unfortunately he did not strap on the rear of the car at all and he lost it somewhere between Dieppe and the Charente Maritime. Did anyone see the trailer / car , any info would be much appreciated. Car is a blue / red primer fibreglass sports car on a flat bed trailer pulled by a reddish 4x4Thanks

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After trying many so called "plasterers" we've actually found someone who can plaster whole walls to an excellent standard. I'm quite happy to pass on his details to anyone who's interested in and around La Chatre 36

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I would be interested in any recommendations for a brick/block layer for a small project (with view to a bigger project). Near to Montrichard 41400. Thanks.

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No one seems to know yet what Brexit actually means, least of all the British Government, however this link provides some clues as to how British expats may be affected.http://www.ecfr.eu/page/-/ECFR_176_-_HOW_BREXIT_COULD_HURT_EXPATS.pdf

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Hello,does anyone know if an Obudsman exists in France for mobile phone contract provider please? I have tried la defense de consumateur, but this is taking the provider to court for which there is a charge.

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We've received a lot of enquiries about this the Brexit referendum so we thought we'd draw your attention to our How To on this very topic:https://www.angloinfo.com/centre/how-to/page/centre-moving-residency-french-citizenshipMadge

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I hope I've got the right Anglo Info for Cher. Are there many Brits living in the Troncais area? It seems that property is very cheap here. It seems that this Anglo info is very underused compared with others..which makes me wonder if there are ex pats here? Any info welcome thank you.

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Its been suggested that i join this association, does anyone know how you go about this, how do you pay taxes if  join, etc 

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Civil aviation unions have called for industrial action by air-traffic controllers and other workers from 3-5 June. It’s uncertain how widespread this strike will be however initial reports suggest heavy participation by airport and airline personnel. Cancellations and delays are possible.  Passengers should contact their airline directly for further information. 

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Hi, do any of you good folks know of someone who will make 3 bespoke windows for me? I would like them non-opening and to include double glazing am near to Montmorillon.

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