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Does any one know of an English speaking dentist in depth 36? Preferably not too far from Las Chatre

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My father lives here in France, he has his health cover, but he earns too much for CMU, so he needs probably private health cover as top up, the problem is he will be 80 this year, the bank won't give him cover, i see by this site, some don't cover over 65, does anyone know of a company,that will insure him, he is only just over the platform to receive CMUC, so not loaded !!

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My father is 79, he has lived here for 8 years, he has a carte vital, does anyone know the platform to be entitled to CMU ? He on a state pension from the UK.

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Could anyone let me have details of a dentist reasonably local to me - 18370, near Boussac please.  I need an urgent appointment and cannot seem to find one that will take me in before December.  Preferably an English speaking one. Thank you for any assistance

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Does anyone know of an orthophonist that speaks English, my 24 year old son had an accident last year, suffered a brain embolisum, his speach has been affected, he does speak French, but the trouble is the orthophonist, doesn't speack English, so to her she says,  he just sounds as though he has an accent, which is normal to her, unfortunatley when speaking English he slurres, a lot of time, we don't understand him, sometimes !! Which is a bit frustrating for him and us !!! can anyone help please?

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Does anyone know where I can buy acetone free nail polish remover, or at least what its called in French?

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Was looking at those Clarisonic skin cleansers, but before I decide whether to get one was hoping to hear some opinions from someone who actually has one. Any comments welcome!

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Help please. I have had two ticks on me in the last 2 days and am not sure if I should see a Dr. I got them off very quickly but I am still worried. Need some advice please

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Does anyone know if there are any alcoholics anonymous groups running here for english speakers?thanks in advance for any info.

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Hi, I'm trying to find an english speaking doctor in Tours to visit, preferablly a GP. Any recommendations?

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I want to get my hair coloured with an ombre style effect - can anyone suggest a stylist who is really good at doing this?! Ideal if they are mobile but I can travel.

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Does anyone have any experiece with getting acupuncture treatment for tendonitis? Was it helpful??

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I changed washing up liquid brands recently and tthere is something in this new one which has brought my hands up in dermatitis rash, can anyone tell me the name of a suitable cream or lotion that I can get without prescription? 

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I wondered if there was anyone who'd had dental treatment with those "invisible braces". Would love to hear feedback/experiences.

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Hi - Was just wondering what others think on the subject of getting the flu jab. I fit into the recommended group for getting it done and would like to know whether people think it is effective/whether there are side effects and so on..

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Hi - can anyone tell me what the process is if a visitor wants to see a doctor? I have family visiting and the little girl was poorly last night - we think she has an ear infection and needs antibiotics. They have their EHIC and travel insurance - should they just turn up at the doctors or what?

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Hi can anyone tell me if they know of a beauty salon/nail bar that does Gelish brand?   I am near Loches but could travel. Had it in the UK and it is really impressive.  Locally they use Sopolish.  Has anyone tried this? Thanks

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I am looking for recommendations for tattoo studios and wondered if anyone here could help?

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Does anyone know of a health club or fitness centre that offers daily classes for women. I had a fitness club membership in the uk and am trying to find something similar here with swim, stretch and tone, aquagym, tai chi, pilates etc. I tried the local weekly keep fit but I need something more flexible so I can fit in exercise each week, including school holiday periods. I am near loches in dept.37

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Does anyone know what treatment is covered on your european health insurance card? Was originally admitted to hospital as an emergency, for nearly a week and they now want to admit me again for a biopsy. I do not have any other medical insurance. Should I return to england for this and further investigations/treatment? Have been on the website and it is unclear.Many thanks

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