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Wanted - reliable, honest, hard-working, French speaking person for a large (6-bedroom) gite in Brinon-sur-Sauldre (18410).  This is the owners' holiday home, which they rent out in their absence. They currently market it only on a French site as their cleaner doesn't speak English, so the new person needs excellent French. The owners are English. Lettings can be for a week, 2 weeks, or even just a long weekend, maybe arrival Thursday or Friday departure Monday or Tuesday. If you are available or can know someone who might be interested, I would be delighted to hear from you.

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Can anyone out there help please, we bought a van and used our caravan to turn the van into a camper. Now we are left with the metal base and we would like to sell it as a trailer. Do we sell it with the reg plate or do we have to notify someone of change of use. I went on government web site to do change of use but when I entered the number plate the form would not accept it, said it was wrong format. We bought the caravan in France in 2007 .Hope someone can help. Cat

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I am in the process of buying a house near La Chatre and it has a cess pool at present.  I will need to install a foss septique.  Can anyone advise how much it will be and anyone who can do the installation. Thanks.

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Hi, I am looking for someone to go view a property for me in Selles-sur-Cher in dept 41.  I need someone to take photos and give me an overall impression of the property's condition and the area in which it is located.  Does anyone know someone I could hire?  Thanks!

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Hi  i wouldbe grateful for recomnendations for DIY shops near Le Mans

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Good morning everyone, Has anyone had experience of a UK insurer for house insurance on a secondary home in France? I have always used French insurer but have become a bit disillusioned by them over the last couple of years. I'd be very grateful for your opinions/experiences of house insurance both French and UK based companies.  As I need to arrange this very quickly now I'd be really happy for a quick response. Many thanks Jayjay

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Hi, I live sounth of Chinon and am looking for someone to do a few roofing repairs and re sheet a small barn. Can anyone offer any reliable people?   Thanks   Tommy

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Our elderly neighbours are having real problems with the drains in their house and need to get someone like Dyno Rod or a specialist drain cleaning company in. As they are without a computer or even a telephone I have offered to ask on here if anyone knows of a solution/company that may be able to help. All of the obvious things have been done by me or another neighbour but now it is down to a specialist with the right gear to pressure wash the pipes. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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I have been looking online at designs for a solar cooker and thought I'd ask here if anyone has made one themselves and how well it works?Hoping to hear your experiences!

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We are house hunting at the moment, planning a move from the Midi-Pyrénées.  Can you tell me what the weather is like in north Vienne / south Indre-Loire? I realise its very changable wherever we live but a general idea on summer heat and winter cold! Is it very windy? If you have any other feedback on this area as somewhere  to live permanently would be appreciated! Thanks!

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What varieties do others plant for early crops? tell me about your successes and failures!

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I saw the topic about visiting Chartres but this is about renting in Chartres so I read the rules and am starting a new thread.  My son lives in Chartres but is very busy, as sons are! After almost 40 years I am moving to France from Venezuela, starting in Chartres to be near my son and my daughter who is temporarily living with him. So, I am looking to rent a 2 bed apartment for 6 months to begin with. The second room is for my quilting stuff. I am female, 61 years old and totally ignorant of any pitfalls or requirements to live in France. Hopefully my french will be up to speed after a few months studying - says I optimistically, I did it to A level a long time ago!

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Has anyone got any recommendations for a good florist?

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I bought a second hand Balay oven and it only has one shelf, which is a pain when I'm baking or doing a roast dinner. Anyone know where I can buy an extra shelf?

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Hi Can anyone help? We need to rent a country property with a couple of acres for our horses for 9 months. I cannot find any web sites offering rental properties and any serch just seems to lead back to gites. Can anyone steer me towards the right sort of rental agencies? Many thanks  Kim

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Does anyone know where I can buy/order candle making supplies?

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I understand that areas which have a headroom less than 1.8m and also spaces which contain stairs may be excluded from the area considered as 'habitable space'. Can anyone advise if any other areas such as those used as paliers and couloirs may also be excluded from the habitable area measurment? Additionally, when measuring the building 'footprint' - 'Emprise au sol'  I imagine the dimensions to be used are the outer faces of the external wall as would be the case in the UK? Many thanks for any advice anyone can offer.

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Has anyone had any success with repotting their poinsettia to the garden?

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I got some mistletoe, do i need to put it in water or do anything to it before I work it into my christmas wreathe?

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