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The best source for Galapagos travel information comes from Galapagos Islandstravellers and locals!We believe the above statement by the word. Guide books can become obsolete,hotel and vacation information can be biased, trip journals show only what atraveller has done, etc.

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Hi, I have moved to Tours with my 17yr old daughter who is just starting University here in a few weeks. I am looking to meet some english speaking people for coffee etc, if there is anyone in the area. 

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I am wondering if anyone has any information on the best stretch of the Loire to kayak over a 3 day period? As we will have to hire kayaks, I am aware of a couple of kayak/canoe companies and they are offering Blois to Vouvray or Le Cavereau to Amboise. Is it worth searching for other stretch of the river to kayak as the plan was to visit wineries on the trip and I cant remember if there are any there since its been 5 years since last visiting there.  Thanks Robert

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The kids want to go fishing in the holidays this year, can anyone provide info on what licenses (if any) I need to get hold of for them?

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Anyone have a motorhome out there? would love to here if you have found some great places to park.  

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Does anyone know of a company that does VW camper hire?

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we want to start doing some longish walks at the weekends - so was wondering if other forum readers wanted to share their favourites. It's be nice if we could find some routes that will take 3/4 hours and with somewhere nearby that we can go for lunch, or even have a picnic afterwards?

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Come and dance learn to dance the bourrée, the mazurka, the scottische etc.  The new season of workshops at Chassignolles (36400)  starts Tuesday 9 th at the salle des fêtes at 20.00.  Everyone is welcome - come along and have some fun, make lots of new friends.  Most Saturday nights in this regeion there are Balk Folks within a short drive and they are great fun.   Take a look at http://www.toufeu-toufolk.org/  D'ont be shy, english spoken if required. David and Dany  

started by: alberto greenfingers · last update: 1408051387 · posted: 1392823772

Hello everyone Looking forward to spring - when it arrives, we'd like to go visit some botanical gardens, we find it a good way to get ideas and inspiration. Can anyone offer suggestions of where to go?

started by: lonely birdsong · last update: 1390898756 · posted: 1390463173

I was thinking of a hot air balloon ride for a gift for my in-laws for the anniversary - is there anywhere over here that does balloon trips? Any info welcome, thanks.

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Does anyone know where there is a nice indoor swimming pool in orleans. Thanks.

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Come and dance learn to dance the bourrée, the mazurka, the scottische etc.  The new season of workshops at Chassignolles (36400)  starts Tuesday 10th at the salle des fêtes at 20.00.  Come along and have some fun, make lots of new friends.  Most Saturday nights in this regeion there are Balk Folks within a short drive and they are great fun.   Take a look at the association's web site for more information:  http://www.toufeu-toufolk.org/  David and Dany

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I've always fancied trying kayaking, does anyone know of somewhere I can go to do it?

started by: Pamela Croftie · last update: 1375256041 · posted: 1375184769

Good Afternoon. I have some guests arriving in August who would like to go overnight carp fishing. We live near Boussac, 18 / 23 region. I would be very grateful if anyone could tell me of any good lakes they could go to for overnight fishing within a reasonable distance? Also how to book a bay on the lake and how to get a licence? Thank you  

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Has anyone been to Zumba classes? And are there any going on around here? Would like to join a class but not sure what to expect really...

started by: lesois-562420 · last update: 1372752920 · posted: 1372752920

Lions Rugby match Saturday.  Does anyone know of a bar showing the Lions Rugby Match on Saturday.  Within an hour of Tours Airport please.  Thanks.  L.

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Bonsoir tout le monde, this is my first post as I only heard about Angloinfo last weekend and I've lived in region 36 for 6 years! I don't think that British ex-pats are so numerous in the Centre Region as some other areas but wondered if any, within a reasonable distance of Chatllon sur Indre would be interested in joining an Indoor Bowls Club for winter get togethers? I used to live in East Anglia, which had a long tradition of lawn bowls in summer, often in the grounds of country pubs and indoor bowls in winter in village halls. It was something that I missed when moving to France and after a chat with Le Maire of my village decided to try and introduce it in our spacious Salle des Fêtes. Over the past two winters I have invited everyone to come and 'have a go'. The Maire was very supportive, giving the fully heated Sales des Fêtes free of charge and announcing the dates at the New Year get together but although a few came to begin with it is pretty obvious that their hearts aren't in it and they are all very sweet when we meet in the village with their excuses why they couldn't make the latest session. Please don't think that I have tried to foist a British sport onto a reluctant French populace. Winter can be quite a lonely time for many in my village and I remembered how convivial the indoor bowls evenings were on the Norfolk/Suffolk borders. In the event that I can't start some sort of gathering with a British bowling nucleus ( I am still hopefull of some local French involvement - I'm sure you've noticed that they tend to be attracted by a well attended gathering) then I shall use the auspices of Angloinfo to offer all the equipment to anyone wishing to install a two carpet set up in their local Salle des Fêtes.  Visit Youtube Short Mat Bowls if you have no idea what I'm rambling on about. Best regards Peter

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