Air Conditioning & Heating

Peter Hilleberg VVS
Installation of heating systems including radiators, heat pumps, solar energy systems, air conditioning, kitchen and bathroom installation as well as general plumbing advice. At Kildeager 5B, 2680 Solrod.
Knopp VVS ApS
Plumbing repairs and installations including air conditioning, cooling and heating systems, new kitchens and bathrooms and roofing. At Groenlunds Alle 36B, 2610 Roedovre.
Altech VVS
Installation of heating and cooling systems and other appliances to do with gas and water systems. At Tvaeragervej 14, 2600 Glostrup.
Poul Christensen A/S
Installation of cooling, heating and solar energy systems as well as general plumbing. At Rentemestervej 64, 2400 Copenhagen NV. 
Noerrebros VVS
Installations of cooling and heating sytems and air conditioning as well as designing and fitting new kitchens and bathrooms. Roofing also undertaken.  At Aalholmvej 4, 2500 Valby.
Soeren Frederiksen ApS
Installation of  heating and cooling systems including air conditioning as well as general plumbing matters and installation of kitchens and bathrooms and roofing. At Arnesvej 5, 2700 Broenshoej.
Dehlsen & Soenner VVS A/S
Maintenance, repair and installation of heating and cooling systems, air conditioning systems, bathrooms and kitchens, roofing and general plumbing. At Valhoejs Alle 187, 2610 Roedovre.
E.V. Nielsen ApS
Installers of air conditioning, heating and cooling systems as well as new bathrooms and roofing. At Valhoejvej 16, Baghuset, 2500 Valby
Albertslund VVS
Installation of air condition systems, heating, heat pumps, solar power, plumbing for kitchens and bathrooms and general advice. At Holsbjergvej 51, 2620 Albertslund.
Oestberg VVS
All types of plumbing work undertaken including repairs and installation of air conditioning systems, heating and cooling sytems, solar energy, new bath rooms and kitchens. At Godsbanegade 10, 1722 Copenhagen V.