Architects & Surveyors

Residential projects, including town houses, forest houses, penthouses and lofts, and design projects undertaken. Frederiksborggade 1A, 4. Floor, 1360 Copenhagen K.
Progressive group of architects in innovative urban planning. Trangravsvej 6, 1436 Copenhagen K.
JA JA Architects Aps
The motto is YES YES. There is room for all types of projects. Heimdahlsgade 35, 3. - house in the back. 2200 Copenhagen N.
Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter
Development, planning, architecture and design of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial projects. Wildersgade 41, 1408 Copenhagen K.
JDS Architects
Focus is on design and architecture in all sizes. Kompagnistraede 29, 1208 Copenhagen K.
FORCE4 Architects
Since 2003 this studio works with priority between users and the structure. Ryesgade 19A, 3rd, 2200 Copenhagen N
Gehl Architects
Modern urban consultancy architects who addresses global trends into their design. Gammel Kongevej 1, 4th floor to the left, 1610 Copenhagen V.
SHL Architects
Schmidt, Hammer and Lassen have 25 years experience in making their projects fit in. Njalsgade 17, Pakhus 2, 2300 Copenhagen S.
Henning Larsen Architects
Architecture must inspire and be responsible. Vesterbrogade 76, 1620 Copenhagen V.
White Arkitekter
Residential, commercial, office and industry, culture and leisure and interior design. Frans Andersen, Nyhavn 16, 1051 Copenhagen K.
Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter
Architecture, urbanism, landscape, product and furniture design, with a concentration on sustainable housing. Pilestraede 10, 3. sal, 1112 Copenhagen K.
Dorte Mandrup Architects
Take on all types of projects, also historical renovations. Vesterbrogade 95A, 4th floor, 1620 Copenhagen V.
Danielsen Architecture
Architectural and interior design projects such as offices, housing, factories, hotels and restaurants, both as new construction and renovations. Vestergade 2C, 4 sal., 1456 Copenhagen K.
DesignGroup Architects
Commercial, housing and cultural projects undertaken. Groennegade 10, 3.- 4.sal, 1107 Copenhagen K.
D25 v/Jeanette Hendeliowitz
Architecture and planning agency. Adelgade 51, 1304 Kobenhavn K.
Nord Architects
Urban planners, architects, landscape architects, process consultants and art historians, working in the private and public sector. Meinungsgade 8D, 2200 Copenhagen K.
Architecture practice catering to a range of different building needs. Designs buildings for businesses, the healthcare sector, the education sector Monday to Thursday 08:30-17:00, Friday 08:30-15:00. Strandgade 73, 1401 Copenhagen K.