Balloons, Paragliding & Flying Clubs

Dansk Faldskræms Union
Danish Parachute Unions national organisation of 22 clubs and 2500 members. Idrættens Hus, DK-2605 Brondby.
Circus Balloon Club
Circus Balloon Club is a group of people in and around the Copenhagen area who have common interest in sport balloons (hot air balloons). Takes part in competitions and commercial mounts.
Dansk Svæveflyver Union
Brings together a number of gliding clubs. The association owns Gliding Centre Arnborg in Mid-Jutland which hosts events, courses and championships throughout the year. Svæveflyvecenter Arnborg, Fasterholtvej 10, DK- 7400 Herning.
Dansk Hanggliding & Paragliding Union
An association that oversees pilot and instruction training standards and is approved by The Danish Civil Aviation Administration. KDA-Huset, Lufthavnsvej 28, DK-4000 Roskilde.