Tandlaegerne ved Runddelen
Dental clinic with modern equipment offering treatment within the field of dentistry and orthodontics. Monday 07:00-17:00. Tuesday 07:30-18:00. Wednesday 07:00-13:00. Thursday 07:00-15:00. Friday 07:00-14:00. Noerrebrogade 148, 2200 Noerrebro N.
Karin Binner Bektor is a specialist in ortodontrics. Strandvejen 116A, 2900 Hellerup.
The Dentists at Gl. Strand
Anders Niklason is a specialist in ortodontics. Gammel Strand 52, 1202 Copenhagen K. Monday 08:00-15:00, Tuesday to Thursday 08:00-16:30, Friday 08:00-13:00.
Tandlaegerne Lyngby Torv 1
Complete dental treatment offered in a modern clinic. Monday-Thursday 08:00-17:00. Friday 08:00-13:30. Lyngbytorv 1, 2800 Kongens Lyngby.
After hours and weekend emergency dental clinic. Open every day from 20:00-21:30. Saturday, Sunday and holidays also open 10:00-12:00. The 24 December and 31 December 10:00-14:00. Oslo Plads 14, 2100 Copenhagen OE. No appointment - cash or creditcard.
Newly renovated large clinic provides all dental treatments. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8:00-18:00, Wednesday 8:00-16:00, Friday 8:00-15:00. Oesterbrogade 148, 1st TV, 2100 Copenhagen OE.
Tandklinik Copenhagen
Smaller Dentist clinic offering discounts for students and well equiped with modern gear. Vester Voldgade 12, 1552 Copenhagen V.
Dentist Susanne Droejsbjerg
Holistic Dental Clinic, located 5 minutes from the international schools and 5 minutes from the Hellerup Station. Dentistry in a relaxed atmosphere and we appreciate very much the breath of fresh air we get from our expat clients.
Frederick Upton Sjolin
The dentist is offering general dental care. Lyngbyvej 237, 2900 Hellerup.
Soeren Haldager is a specialistin ortodontics. Solroed Center 52A, 1st Left, 2680 Solroed Strand. Contact use email or SMS 30 23 76 45. Use telephone number for emergencies only.
City Dent
Dentist clinic offering all kinds of dental treatments and orthodontics. Entrance : Studiestraede 51, 1552 Copenhagen V.
Tandlaegerne No. 68 ApS
Modern dental clinic offering dental care and treatment. Amagerbrogade 68, 2300 Copenhagen S.
Tandlaegerne Eric Strange
Dentist clinic with modern equipment offering all kind of treatments. Monday-Wednesday 08:00-18:00, Thursday -Friday 08:00-16:00. Borups Alle 7, 2200 Copenhagen N.
Dentist Copenhagen
Team of certified dentists in the heart of Copenhagen. Monday to Thursday 08:00-15:30. Friday 08:00-13:30. Vester Voldgade 86, 1552 Copenhagen V.
The dental clinic has a team of dentists offering general detail care but also specialised care such as whitening treatment and implants. Oesterbrogade 64,, 2100 Copenhagen O.
Dentists who focus on proper and precise dental care. Monday 08:00-17:00, Tuesday 08:00-15:00, Wednesday 08:00-16:30, Thursday 08:00-15:00, Friday 08:00-12:00. Ordrupvej 78C, 2920 Charlottenlund.
The dentist is offering general dental care. Lyngbyvej 237, 2900 Hellerup.
Specialist in ortodontics. Koebmagergade 52, 2. floor, 1150 Copenhagen K. Telephones open Monday to Thursday 09:00-14:00, Friday 08:00-12:00
Amagerbro Tandklinik
Small team of dentist assuring the latest dental treatments. Monday 08:00-17:00, Tuesday to Thursday 08:00-16:00, Friday 08:00-14:00. Amagerbrogade 18, 2 floor, 2300 Copenhagen S.
Kim Sperly
Fully equipped dental clinic that offers all modern dental assistance. Palægade 7, 1261 Copenhagen K
Tandlaegerne Implantatklinik Copenhagen
Dental surgery of all types by experienced surgeons. Monday to Thursday 08:00-17:00, Friday 08:00-14:00. Nr. Farigmagsgade 13, 1364 Copenhagen K.
service minded team of dentists with modern equipment in central Copenhagen K. Monday to Friday 08:00-20:00. Saturday 09:00-17:00. Kronprinsessegade 46 ground floor, 1306 Copenhagen.