Employment Agencies & Recruitment

Emplyment agency specialising in office, accounting, sales, marketing, engineering, IT, warehouse and industrial work..
Copenhagen University
Copenhagen University jobs board for students and graduates
Database of jobs in Copenhagen for Danish and non-Danish speakers.
Top Language Jobs
Jobs for English-speakers in Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark.
More than 10,000 job listings for English-speakers with a knowledge of Danish.
New to Denmark
Official portal for foreigners offering advice on becoming eligible for work and finding a job in Copenhagen.
CBP Network
Portal to help creative business professionals link up with companies and jobs in fields such as marketing communications, graphics and web design.
Places people in jobs in Copenhagen, across all employment sectors.
Information on jobs in administration, engineering, finance, human resources, IT, marketing, pharmaceuticals and biotech.
Kelly Services
Recruitment agency Placing people in permanent and temporary jobs in Copenhagen.
Translators Work
Database of freelance translation and interpretation work.
Volunteering, internships, workcamps and community work in the environmental and nature-protection sectors in Europe.
Jobs in Copenhagen that require English as their primary language.