Estate Agents: Copenhagen West

Danbolig Service Center
Full service sales center with advice for both buyers and sellers, including financial and legal advice.
Selling of properties offered in Roskilde and Copenhagen.
Nordea Ejendomme
Specialists in commercial and industrial properties who can offer domicile buildings and leases for trade and industry.
Copenhagen based real estate firm, specializes in various properties.
Full service estate agency for properties in West Copenhagen.
Ekman Bolig
Services include property search, selling of properties and more.
Purchase, sale and letting of all kinds of properties, with mortgage advice if required.
Real Maeglerne
Property search, sale and purchase, including business and retail as well as houses and apartments.
Specializes in villas, holiday homes, terraced houses and condominiums among others.
Roeds Real Estate
Real estate agents offer assistance with buying and selling of properties.