Funeral Homes & Undertakers

Dansk Bedemaend
The Danish Association of Funeral Directors, with information in English about all aspects, from death certification to ceremonies for funerals or cremations, and examples of funeral directors services.
Smedegaard Bedemandsforretninger
Help and advice on all aspects of funeral services, from churches to chapels, burials or cremations, to death announcements and music selection.
Bispebjerg Begravelsesforretning
Full service funeral parlour, offering practical advice, floral design and coffins and urns.
Roholl Bedemandsforretning
Advice, information and planning for funeral services.
Begravelse Service
Advice, help and provision of funeral services, from choice of flowers to religious and non-religious ceremonies as well as helping with death overseas, paperwork and the returning of the body.