Online & Distance Therapy Services

Copenhagen Online Therapists & Distance Therapy Services in Copenhagen.

Lars Marcelin Nielsen
Psychotherapist based in Copenhagen. At Nørrebrogade 8, 2200 København, Denmark.
Rikke Hvelplund
Anxiety, depression, temperament problems, loneliness or stress are some conditions for which counselling and therapy is offered. Face to Face as well as online.
Henrik Holm Hansen
Conversations and online therapy via webcam. Treatments for anxiety, stress, trauma and PTSD.
English speaking counsellor for adults, children, youth, couples and families. 
Charlotte Bertelsen
Individual therapy, NARM therapy and groups therapy.
Brigitte Escobar
Services for anxiety, stress and depression as well as narcissistic disorders in English and Danish. 
Mei Psychology Consulting
Clinical psychologist, leadership consultant and Jungian psychoanalyst. At Nøjsomhedsvej 7, 1306 Copenhagen, Denmark.
Isabella Pedersen
Hypnosis, couples therapy, stress management, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness. Counselling for anxiety , depression, stress and relationship problems.
Practice for Cognitive Therapy
Psychological help for OCD, panic disorder, anxiety, depression, stress, phobias, insomnia. Also offers coaching for single mothers.
Isabelle Vesterdal
Psychologist and meditation teacher. Based in Copenhagen.
Maja Schou
Acceptance and commitment therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.
Veronika Leonova
Clinical psychologist and jungian psychotherapist. At Ørnevej 45, 2400 Copenhagen, Denmark.
Jakob Brixen
Intensive Dynamic Short-Term Therapy, for increased clarity, power and inner peace. Services for individuals as well as couples.