Tennis, Squash & Racquet Sports

Copenhagen Squash Club
Three courts centrally located in Copenhagen and 500 active members. Opening hours : 06:00-24:00. KSK, Vestersoegade 58 Gaarden (Back yard), 1601 Copenhagen V
SAIF Badminton
The club offers lessons at all levels for both junior and senior players. Valbyhallen, Julius Andersens vej 3, 2450 Copenhagen SV.
Copenhagen Badminton Club
One of the biggest clubs in Denmark with about 700 members playing badminton at all levels. Krausesvej 12, 2100 Copenhagen O.
Hvidovre Tennisklub
Offers a number of clay courts, programmes for juniors and adults and inter and intra club competitions. Hvidovrevej 311, 2650 Hvidovre.
Sundby Tennis Club
A tennis club running summer and winter competitions. Offering indoor and outdoor facilities, courses and training. Englandsvej 61, 2300 Copenhagen.
Arbejdernes Tennis Klub
Tennis club and sports cafe. Genforeningspladsen 54, 2400 Kobenhavn.
YMCA Tennis Club
Offers a range of member types, junior training, group exercise and exercise training sessions, club competitions. Nokkerosevej 23, 2400 Copenhagen.
Gladsaxe Tennisklub
Offers 4 red clay courts, 2 changing rooms and shower facilities, a club room with kitchen facilities, a rooftop terrace and a covered terrace. Gladsaxevej 200, 2860 Soborg.
Svanen Squash Club
Four courts and 250 active members. Opening hours : Monday-Tuesday 16:00-23:00, Wednesday 15:00-23:00 and Friday 16:00-21:00. Svanemoellehallen, Oesterbrogade 240, 2100 Copenhagen O.
Sct. Joergen Badminton Club
The club have access to courts in the sports arena called Valbyhallen, and its members are from 10 to above 50 years old, so their is room for everybody. Valbyhallen, Julius Andersensvej 3, 2450 Copenhagen SV.
Tennis Club Ryvang
Offers six clay courts. From October to late April, club members can get access to the hall at Ryparken or other indoor courts in the city. Coaching available in both summer and winter with the club coaches. Lyngbyvej 110, 2100 Copenhagen.
Kloevermarken Tennis Club
Offers indoor and outdoor tennis and cafe facilities. Runs league and competitions year round. Kloevermarksvej 34, 2300 Kobenhavn.