Theatre, Music & Concert Venues

Dansehallerne is a centre for contemporary dance. Dansehallerne is also a theater with two stages and an informal foyer stage, where you can see dance performances. These include a wide range of contemporary dance.
Jazz House
Live jazz, hosting more than 200 concerts a year with outstanding contemporary artists as well as established legends.
Denmarks national and international concert venue, comprising one large concert hall and three smaller halls, and offering a wide variety of musical concerts and events.
The framework with a music stage, culture cafe and theatre. Attempts to be diverse in its choices of events. Office hours Monday to Thursday 11:00-15:00, Friday 11:00-14:00.
Det Kongelige Teater
The Royal Danish Theatre, which comprises five different venues showing drama, ballet, opera and concerts, with guided tours and events.
Old Stage
One of the venues run by the Royal Danish Theatre, with a seasonal repertoire of plays and drama.
London Toast Theatre
The theatre plays regularly in Copenhagen both modern plays but also more traditional plays such as Shakespeare. It also offers corporate entertainment, stand-up and drama workshops.
The Playhouse
Denmark’s national stage for the dramatic arts, with seasonal repertoires, public lectures, children’s activities, small concerts and a wide range of dramatic events.
The Opera House
One of the five venues run by the Royal Danish Theatre, and one of the worlds most modern opera venues, with two stages, a restaurant and cafe.
Mojo Blues Bar
Live music every night, with a wide range of Danish and international artists. 20:00-05:00.
Copenhagen Arena
A major indoor arena for national and international music, cultural and sports events.