Niels Ulrik Ottesen - Homann Law

Attorney at law Niels Ulrik Ottesen specializes in startup companies as well as all disciplines related to the needs of an expat establishing in Denmark 

About Homann

Homann Law firm is an integrated cooperation of independent law firms who aim at full service to business clients, public authorities and private clients. Overall, we are more than 50 people– of which 28 are lawyers. We are specialized in several areas but especially in business matters. For instance can be mentioned that we have 3 lawyers who devote their whole time to taxation matters of all kinds and  they support the lawyers dealing with the business clients. 

We are all members of The Danish Law Society and we are covered by public liability insurance. 

All the lawyers of the firm are obliged to follow the supervision and disciplinary rules of The Danish Law Society - see 

The law firm of Homann has internal rules against money laundering and financing of terrorism, all in accordance with the EU-directives.