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Har du et gammelt trægulv? 0 Home & Garden
Gulvafslibning af et gammelt trægulv, er måske den billigste måde at give et værelse et frisk og nyt look på.G
started by: Gulvafslibning-Priser-924017 · last update: 1520193119 · posted: 1520193119
Gulvafslibning? Billig gulvafslibning og... 0 Home & Garden
Billig Gulvafslibning - Se her, inspiration og tips om gulvafslibning og afslibning af trægulve. Nye tre
started by: Gulvafslibning-Priser-924017 · last update: 1520192616 · posted: 1520192616
Copenhagen's Pro English Comedy Club - Sept... 0 Entertainment
Come and enjoy some great international stand-up comedy in a cool and fun setting which is great for meeting other
started by: joeeagan · last update: 1503324038 · posted: 1503324038
Buying vs importing a car 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi,I know this is probably a topic already discussed, but I could find exact infos about what I need.Me and my wife
started by: Nikolaos-Agianniotis-900972 · last update: 1496006167 · posted: 1496006165
Welcome to the Non-local discussion area 1 Non-local
While the primary purpose of AngloINFO's Classifieds & Discussions is to discuss specifically local m
started by: Admin-380574 · last update: 1493192422 · posted: 1333584000
Equine questionnaire 0 Pets & Animals
Hello, I am a third year student at Warwickshire college on a BSc Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation course. Fo
started by: CHERIE-207793 · last update: 1486412250 · posted: 1486412250
BREXIT 0 General
No one seems to know yet what Brexit actually means, least of all the British Government, however this link provide
started by: Dave W-839 · last update: 1469815634 · posted: 1469815634
First Aid 1 Families & Kids
Can anyone recommend a baby first aid course in Copenhagen please?
started by: Katie West · last update: 1459857576 · posted: 1456414790
Life Insurers 0 Financial & Legal
Can anyone recommend a life insurance company with a physical office and English speaking agents please? All recomm
started by: Rainbow drop · last update: 1459780290 · posted: 1459780290
Danish Teacher 0 General
I am looking for a Danish teacher to come to my house twice a week for 2 hours each time. I am a total beginner. Th
started by: Sophia James · last update: 1459435346 · posted: 1459435346
Rainy Days 0 Families & Kids
Can anyone recommend some activities to do with little ones on rainy days please? My daughter is 2.5.
started by: Sophia James · last update: 1459435301 · posted: 1459435301
Leonberger Dog 0 Pets & Animals
Does anyone know of a Leonberger dog looking for a new home? We are looking for one but don't want to buy a puppy.
started by: Rebecca Brown · last update: 1459343100 · posted: 1459343100
Quillan Vs Esperaza Vs Axat or any others? 0 General
Hello, I will travel to the Aude this summer. Me and my wife are looking to buy in a (hopefully inexpensive) prop
started by: JC-Rozo-854516 · last update: 1459341228 · posted: 1459341228
Good quality pet food 0 Pets & Animals
I am looking for a supplier of organic and natural pet foods for dogs. Can anyone point me in the right direction p
started by: tivoli · last update: 1459243816 · posted: 1459243816
Master of Yacht, sailing and powerboat 0 Financial & Legal
Hi! I´m planning for move to Cyprus when I retires. I plan for taking a master of yacht exam. It´s a MCA (UK) exa
started by: Christer-Ekeroth-854045 · last update: 1458978609 · posted: 1458978609
Baby Shower 0 Entertainment
I am organising a baby shower for my best friend and I am looking for a cosy cafe or restaurant to hold it in. Any
started by: tivoli · last update: 1458727153 · posted: 1458727153
seat protection 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
my toddler keeps rubbing her feet on the back of my seat in the car and it is ruining the leather. Can anyone recom
started by: tivoli · last update: 1458727096 · posted: 1458727096
Any tips on renting a house? 0 Home & Garden
Been through editing in moderation. Thinking of moving to Copenhagen and would like to know if anyone has tips on t
started by: ImogenM · last update: 1457368566 · posted: 1457368290
Gym for Back Problems 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello all, I am looking for gentle gym classes specifically designed for people with back problems and ideally run
started by: SAS steward · last update: 1456746811 · posted: 1456746811
Getting to Cyprus 0 General
I have been invited to a friend's wedding in Cyprus, a village near Limassol to be precise. What are my best option
started by: Nyhavn · last update: 1456746720 · posted: 1456746720