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Hi,I know this is probably a topic already discussed, but I could find exact infos about what I need.Me and my wife are considering to bring our car to Denmark, when we move there next year. We are aware of the very high registration tax and we are not sure if this is going to be a good idea.Does someone have a comparison, what would financially be better: buying a new car in Denmark or importing our existing one?Thanks,Nikos

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my toddler keeps rubbing her feet on the back of my seat in the car and it is ruining the leather. Can anyone recommend a store or site selling a cover for the rear of car seats please? My toddler keeps rubbing her feet on the back of my seat in the car and the leather is getting ruined! Can anyone recommend a store or a site selling protectors for the rear of car seats? - See more at: https://www.angloinfo.com/copenhagen/content/discussions/submit#sthash.WILk5L7u.dpuf

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Does anyone know of a bikers group for English speakers I could join to get me and my Ducati out of the house at weekends?

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What would I need to look out for when I buy a second hand car from a private person? Any advice or legal guidelines ref?

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Would somebody tell me where to go to exchange or get information about exchanging your foreign permit to a Dansih one?

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Where do I go to rent bikes for my friends? Thy are a family of 5 - two adults and three teenagers and they are looking to rent the bikes for the weekend.

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I have my licencs from my home country which is Non-EU, so I have to just pass both tests. I will ask for traslator for practical part, but for the teory test, I was wondering if anybody knows whether there is a book (refrence) in English for teaory test or not.

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Because taxes are so high in DK the export price for a new car must be very interesting to foreigners.  It would interest me a lot to learn the best export price for an Audi.  Can someone help me ?

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Could anybody suggest a good driving school for passing the drivers license for motorbikes ?

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Can anyone recommend a shop where I can get a good service and buy one? I would also very much appreciate all advice on what brand to buy....   Tnx

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I am looking for used bike for adult. If you know someone interested to sell please let me know Selam

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I am looking for a used bike of normal size for adults. Please reply if you know anybody selling a bike.

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I am looking to buy a second-hand scooter, so if anybody would have one they want to sell or if you can recommend a shop please let me know.

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Any help? Having friends coming to CPH and I think it would be best to show them around CPH on bikes...

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I have to go to Aarhus next weekend - maybe someone can fit me in their car? I'm flexible, but have to leave on thursday or friday and go home on sunday.   Thanks in advance

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My husband wants to bring his bike to Denmark. It is registered in the UK. Would anybody know what we should do? It is a Yamaha Tmax Bike. And any ideas to where he can get it serviced?

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We have a blue bike for a boy of between 6-10 that should function ok. We haven't used it for a while so it might need a minor check. However, if somebody wants to pick it up please get in touch.

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Do I have to change my drivers license to drive a car in Denmark ? Where would i go to do it ? Does anyone have any experience with this - please ?

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I am interested in buying a used car either from a private person or from a reliable car dealer. Please contact me if you have good used car you want to sell. Budget up to DKK 90.000.

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We are looking for bikes to rent for a day or two for our visiting guests. Would appreciate ideas for good bikes in good condition.

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