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Come and enjoy some great international stand-up comedy in a cool and fun setting which is great for meeting other expats - who knows what will happen! Four shows this autumn at the Dubliner Downtown located in central Copenhagen near Kongens Nytorv.Each show has 2 pro acts flown in, an MC, and surprise local talent acts - different pro acts each show!Dates for this 2017 autumn are: Sept 7, Oct 12, Nov 9, Dec 7. Full info via events section of: https://www.facebook.com/thedub2/ 

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I am organising a baby shower for my best friend and I am looking for a cosy cafe or restaurant to hold it in. Any suggestions please?

started by: Lisa-380615 · last update: 1417043764 · posted: 1417043764

Come along with the family to the illumination of the giant Christmas Tree at the City Hall square on Sunday November 30 between 15:00 and 16:00 and enjoy the festivities. The tradition is celebrating its 100 year anniversary this year.

started by: NappaV · last update: 1408727301 · posted: 1408671090

Any English shows or theatres in town? 

started by: Bond007-380660 · last update: 1403215555 · posted: 1403042756

Would anybody know if there are shows in English during the festival. Just spotted it on a bus in town but haven't had time to search information.

started by: Scooby-Doo · last update: 1399721664 · posted: 1399721349

Would abybody know if there is a possibility to find tickets for tonight's final?

started by: Frankie-380695 · last update: 1389215245 · posted: 1389049039

Can somebody help me with English speaking theatres in Copenhagen?

started by: Tom-380587 · last update: 1384465002 · posted: 1384465002

I just saw in the What's On of the site that Stomp is giving 3 shows in Copenhagen. I once saw them i NY and they were truly amazing. I can highly recommend the show, and I will consider to go again with the family.

started by: Basil-380671 · last update: 1374927331 · posted: 1374927331

Any good outdoor concerts this weekend?

started by: Mom x2 · last update: 1374411915 · posted: 1361316229

I've heard of a place called Lalandia - it is supposed to be fun for the kids. Is it worth visiting? And for how long? It's not that expensive, but it doesn't look that appealing to me as an adult....

started by: Bond007-380660 · last update: 1374186782 · posted: 1374186172

Tisvilde is a very beautiful little beach town North of Copenhagen and I would love to take my wife there for the music festival this weekend. Any ideas how to get tickets?

started by: Ziggy-380593 · last update: 1374186441 · posted: 1374186259

I have an American friend visiting anf she asked me where you get the best ice cream in town and I don't know so please tell me.

started by: Mom x2 · last update: 1373583301 · posted: 1373364839

Where? And purhaps one, where the tent doesn't collapse during the show :-)

started by: Hayley Ray · last update: 1373364673 · posted: 1373364673

Is the Scottish film Angels' Share any good?

started by: Frankie-380695 · last update: 1373303021 · posted: 1360783354

Where to go and watch this big game tonight?

started by: Kinder06 · last update: 1370990145 · posted: 1370990145

Anybody knows if the series Homeland is showing on Danish TV and if yes which channel?

started by: danfys · last update: 1370373060 · posted: 1370373060

Do you have to buy tickets for the whole period of the festivale - or can u just go for oen band - or day ?

started by: Bond007-380660 · last update: 1366746944 · posted: 1366670902

Would anybody know when the film hits the Copenhagen?

started by: Tango-380608 · last update: 1366670616 · posted: 1366585187

Would anybody know if it is difficult to get to see the Opera House ?

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