started by: Katie West · last update: 1459857576 · posted: 1456414790

Can anyone recommend a baby first aid course in Copenhagen please?

started by: Sophia James · last update: 1459435301 · posted: 1459435301

Can anyone recommend some activities to do with little ones on rainy days please? My daughter is 2.5.

started by: SAS steward · last update: 1455813190 · posted: 1452598322

I'd really like my toddler to learn Danish with native speakers but with 2 British parents that isn't easy. Can anyone recommend a Danish toddler group I could attend?

started by: Katie West · last update: 1453231878 · posted: 1452785580

Are there any leche league supporters and groups in Copenhagen please? I'd love to meet up and get some advice if so please!

started by: Sachin_g · last update: 1440587601 · posted: 1438759121

Dear All,   we are going to move to Copenhagen in next 3/4 months time from India and I am looking for any English Pre / Primary schools near Copenhagen or Hillerod in Denmark for my 4.5 year old younger daughter. Also I have Elder daughter studing curretly in 3'rd Standard. Could anyone please suggest the better International pre/Primary school for my daughter's? Appreciate for any Indian / British prefered school related information.. Thanks & Regards, Sachin  

started by: Angel-380590 · last update: 1436800318 · posted: 1345592380

Hi, our lovely babysitter is starting university outside Copenhagen, so we are looking for a babysitter for our 10 month old baby a few times a week (preferably Tuesdays and Thusdays) . Please contact us if you are available a couple of times a week between 17:00-22:00 and for occasional babysitting on weekends. We prefer a non-smoker.

started by: TerriIves · last update: 1410119552 · posted: 1410119552

My son has very mild aspergers.  Learning Danish would be very difficult for him. I am here on a 6 month job which is supposed to turn more permanent with my husband taking a job as well in 6 months.  The kids and my husband join me then.  I am worried he would not be admitted to and English speaking school due to his mild learning issues even though he has a very high IQ.  Has anyone had to deal with this?

started by: ajohansson · last update: 1408359753 · posted: 1407952201

Hi, does anyone know a way to find french tutors in the Copenhagen and neighbouring areas? 

started by: Paradise-380610 · last update: 1400782415 · posted: 1400705930

On Friday there are some funny treasure hunts around town for the whole family. We did it last year but we had a Danish speaking member in our group as the describtion is only in Danish. It took you through part of Denmarks history and it was great fun. Just a recommendation, Paradise

started by: Louisa-380589 · last update: 1400705709 · posted: 1400705579

Just want you to know that I am taking my kids to the centimeter marathon at the DGI Byen on Saturday. It looks quite fun so if you are looking for something to do with the kids you can sign up on the site. Hope to see some of you, Louisa 

started by: Paradise-380610 · last update: 1380846546 · posted: 1380753636

Any good ideas for the autumn break coming up. I have a couple of kids between 6 and 10 years old.

started by: Scooby-Doo · last update: 1376349059 · posted: 1376348538

Just want to share that there are still a number of places available at the Copenhagen International School since the school has expanded with a new campus for grades 9-12.

started by: Paradise-380610 · last update: 1376137328 · posted: 1376137328

Just read in the What's On that there is a fashion exchange market in the city hall square of Copenhagen and I will definitely be going - even if I don't think I have much to bring along for the exchange but what a great idea.

started by: Angel-380590 · last update: 1364772402 · posted: 1364772218

Looking for an idea for my daughters birthday with her friends. She is turning 10. Any ideas?

started by: Louisa-380589 · last update: 1364415771 · posted: 1364415771

Have any of you tried some of the creative workshops for kids at Louisiana or 'Den Frie'? Just wonder if it is ok to go when you only speak English.

started by: Ofelia-380609 · last update: 1364123817 · posted: 1363907050

Any fun going on for the kids during the Easter break?

started by: harsbogardi · last update: 1362949550 · posted: 1361395980

Dear All, we are going to move to Copenhagen this summer and a I look something in English for my 4 year old daughter. She will be 5 this November. If I know it well, she needs to go to preschool one year and then to school, so we thought to send her to a place which has both  preschool/kindergarten and school so that she does not have to change again and again. But if you have other suggestion I´d love to hear it. Does anyone have any experience? Do you know anything about Rygaards International School? Thank you, Eszter

started by: ØsterbroMor · last update: 1362942078 · posted: 1362829356

Hi all, I just wanted to pass on some info I just learned.  Not only are there a lot of American retail stores shipping internationally now (All William Sonoma brands, J. Crew (kids too!), but for those pregnant or planning to become pregnant, Ann Taylor Loft Maternity is currently offering *free* shipping on order over $100!  So awesome!!  Please let me know if you hear of any other retailers outside of Denmark doing the same, thanks! http://www.loft.com/loft/cat/LOFT-Maternity/Maternity-View-All/catl000043?loc=maternitylp&icid=maternitylp_spring_022713

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Would anybody have an idea for something to do for a 10 year old girl's birthday party?

started by: Mom x2 · last update: 1353316788 · posted: 1352714820

Any recommendations? All ages from 1-12 years.

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