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Can anyone recommend a life insurance company with a physical office and English speaking agents please? All recommendations gratefully accepted!

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Hi! I´m planning for move to Cyprus when I retires. I plan for taking a master of yacht exam. It´s a MCA (UK) exam. Is it valid in Cyprus?

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I am Chinese and moved to Denmark with a work visa on pay limit theme. I would like to establish my own business in Denmark. Is this possible? Based on the description for residency permit requirement, I can be in the board of directors of the compnay, but I cannot run the business in Denmark. Is this correct? "Citizens of European Union countries are allowed to run a business in Denmark. There is no residency requirement for the managers of a new business. This applies to members of the Executive Board, the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board shareholders."

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Hello, How would you go about setting up  a sales office only in Copenhagen? the head office is based in the UK, but the company has a sale only office, selling various consultancy services in Copenhagen, what are the steps to do this in the correct way?

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The start of a year is also often related to deadlines within official and financial documents. But when you work across borders, that may mean also time to get your financial documents translated. In Denmark for instace, there are some deadlines for yearly budgets and so at SKAT (Danish tax services) at the end of January and start of February. The globalisation of finance within business 11.11.2014 When a business decides to enter new markets, the globalisation strategy must cover many elements to ensure a smooth transition and a successful brand launch. One area which is crucial is finance. It is an overarching consideration for every other part of the business; accommodation, staffing, marketing and the day to day operation of the company. Getting the finances in order before launching in another country will always be at the top of the list, but there are many times when there will be a language barrier and this can quickly make financial negotiation and organisation difficult. Financial management in a different language As well as there being the strong possibility of different currencies being involved, there will be a great deal of language barriers to contend with if English is not the first language. This could be areas such as bank accounts, dealing with local accountants, share and dividend matters or even becoming part of a localised stock market. Ensuring all the figures add up Trying to second guess the meaning behind financial documentation, terms and conditions and the monetary legislation and law of another country could quickly lead to financial turmoil. The solution is to work closely with a professional translation company who can offer native speakers who will be able to offer comprehensive translations of everything you require as well as to offer spoken translations if required during telephone conversations. It’s important to look for a company which has experience in dealing with your industry sector as many have specialised terminology and phrases. Confidentiality is also key as finances are particularly sensitive as is the ability to offer flexibility and work to deadlines. With a number of key financial cut off dates throughout the year, choosing a translation service which can guarantee accuracy as well as providing the completed work on time is vital and will be a major cornerstone to the success of the move into the new market.

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Is it possible to open a bank account for a foreign company in Denmark?

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I would appreciate some advice as to capital gains tax in Denmark - more specifically regarding the sale of  your primary residence. 

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I'm looking for a tax specialist who can help me with my rather complicated current fiscal situation.  Thanks in advance for your help

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Would anybody know the conditions for buying a secondary home in Denmark and whether it is possible for foreigners to buy property in Denmark?

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We are looking for an English speaking accountant to help file our declaration. Any recommendations?

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I need an English speaking accountant to do our tax report. Anybody to recommend?

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We are considering consulting a lawyer to make a will so if anybody can recommend an English speaking lawyer within that field we would appreciate a recommendation.  

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What do i need to open an account here? Thanks

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I am an American residing in Denmark since 1998.I have filed US taxes every year -- I have filed the 1040 and 2555EZ,even thought my income is entirely generated in Denmark.In 2005, I inherited $75.000 which I invested in Securities in the US.The account did well in the beginning: Between 2007 and 2009, I deducted over $33.000.As the financial crisis hit, the securities began to lose value. In 2010, I got divorced and had to buy a new house.I sold the securities and transferred the money to Denmark pay for my Danish house.I neglected to consider the capital gains incurred when I sold the securtites !The IRS now says I owe for those gains.I need to hire a US tax expert to assist me in defusing this tax problem.Anybody know who I can contact?Thanks in advance,Jack

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Looking for a recommendation please?

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Hi, I am looking for an English speaking lawyer who can assist with setting up a business in Denmark. Any recommendation in the Copenhagen area will be appreciated.

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Looking for a good tax consultant in Copenhagen

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