started by: Carlsberg Fan · last update: 1455717338 · posted: 1454000002

Can anyone recommend a really nice vegan place in town please? I'd like to surprise my girlfriend this Valentine's Day.

started by: Baby-380605 · last update: 1407401314 · posted: 1407232299

Just an idea that I want to share : I have booked a gourmet dinner under the bridge in Copenhagen called Knippelsbro. I happended to walk by and it looks amazing. It is an event that is only running in August. You are served a 3 course gourmet dinner with organic wines and I can't wait. 

started by: Lizzi01 · last update: 1399279548 · posted: 1391459406

Hi, I am having some friends over during the winter holidays and they love new experiences and good food. Anyone has a good idea for something special to do? 

started by: Ann01-380619 · last update: 1386577937 · posted: 1386429854

Up for a new food experience - can someone guide me ?

started by: Richard S.-876997 · last update: 1374186509 · posted: 1373364551

My buddies and I want a really good burger - real American. 

started by: Tango-380608 · last update: 1373670349 · posted: 1373670239

I wonder where you get the best Italian food in town. Any recommendations?

started by: Allicat · last update: 1373582694 · posted: 1373364877

Where to go?

started by: Iceage-380683 · last update: 1371995162 · posted: 1371994896

If I want to take my American friends for some taditional Danish lunch in the city any ideas as to where to go?

started by: Abba-380607 · last update: 1370812864 · posted: 1370812565

What are the rules for BBQ in town?

started by: sgish · last update: 1369867014 · posted: 1369372826

Hi-We are looking for a cooking class as a gift-- for friends that are good home cooks, not by any means beginners. (we are from the US, but they live in Cophenhagen). Suggestions, please?  Mia from CPH has a class that is more than our budget... Or possibly a gift certificate for a farmer's market? Or something neat that has to do with food. Thank you!  

started by: Iceage-380683 · last update: 1366758414 · posted: 1363465407

I have heard that you grow wine in Denmark. I am curious to know more about it, and also if it is worth drinking. I have some wine connaisseurs visiting and I would love to introduce an unknown wine to them.

started by: Nikki-380606 · last update: 1366757584 · posted: 1366757584

I am looking for ideas for a chocolate related event that I could offer my very good friend as a birthday present.

started by: Babygirl-380643 · last update: 1364772557 · posted: 1364680192

Hey everyone, I'm looking for a nice French restaurant in Copenhagen, possibly a Bouchon Lyonnais. Any ideas? 

started by: Basil-380671 · last update: 1364307347 · posted: 1363132931

Any tips as to how to book a table at the worlds best restaurant in Copenhagen?

started by: Bond007-380660 · last update: 1362728288 · posted: 1362728288

Just heard from a collegue that there is a new bar in Studiestraede called Studiestraede opening tonight. The openng party starts at 4pm and everybody is welcome.

started by: Hayley Ray · last update: 1361651734 · posted: 1361651734

Any good brunch? The view of Copenhagen is supposed to be beautiful.

started by: Forza · last update: 1361651661 · posted: 1361532051

Can someone recommend a place in Copenhagen, where me and some friends could have a beer tasting - preferably foreign beers.

started by: Lily M. · last update: 1357114268 · posted: 1357061175

Any good brunch?

started by: Lily M. · last update: 1355999764 · posted: 1355999764

Can anyone recommend it?

started by: Lisa-380615 · last update: 1355778665 · posted: 1355684261

Looking for a butcher where you can order a good quality Christmas dinner (duck and roast pork)?

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