started by: Abba-380607 · last update: 1560582035 · posted: 1342382607

Would anybody have an idea or know of a fitness club that would do outdoor lessons during the vacation ?

started by: SAS steward · last update: 1456746811 · posted: 1456746811

Hello all, I am looking for gentle gym classes specifically designed for people with back problems and ideally run by a physio. Has anyone heard of such classes in Copenhagen? I'd love to hear from you if so!

started by: Katie West · last update: 1456140419 · posted: 1454771228

can anyone recommend an English speaking gynecologist in Copenhagen please. It would need to be a female doctor thank you.

started by: Ofelia-380609 · last update: 1455300680 · posted: 1401380718

I have just read about International Boots delivering all over Europe. If you order as an AngloInfo member you get a 10% discount. I think this is a great offer and urge you to have a look at the offer in the classified section. 

started by: Ofelia-380609 · last update: 1407152964 · posted: 1407152964

Hi, I am looking for a club to join for cross fit training and just wondered if anybody has some experience to share. I wouldn't mind a club/group with other expats.

started by: Vox4 · last update: 1389659831 · posted: 1378419485

Hi - I just recently moved back to Copenhagen - and I live on Frederiksberg - looking to find running companions. I'm actually not that much of a runner, but I realize that I have to move to stay fit - any ideas possible times when to run etc - any input would be helpful.

started by: Angel-380590 · last update: 1373277192 · posted: 1363727817

I am looking for a doctor who can advise me about my eyelids and possibly also operate them. They have become more heavy and I think I could benefit from an operation. Any recommendations or experience?

started by: Iceage-380683 · last update: 1373277001 · posted: 1361314191

Could any of you let me know where or how to get local news in English?

started by: Pedro-380655 · last update: 1365720606 · posted: 1365720606

Can anybody recommend a good optician in central copenhagen - and maybe even o good eye-doc ?

started by: NewcomerCPH · last update: 1362521720 · posted: 1361651807

Are there any warm yoga studios in CPH?

started by: Paradise-380610 · last update: 1362326637 · posted: 1361917280

Would there happen to be an English speaking weight watcher class in Copenhagen?

started by: Rose-380611 · last update: 1362326031 · posted: 1362094675

I desperately need a good hairdresser? Any ideas?

started by: Ann01-380619 · last update: 1362325831 · posted: 1362006600

Have any of you tried aqua spinning? I would like to try it and am looking for a fitness center with aqua spinning classes. Any ideas?

started by: Susan-380612 · last update: 1361314099 · posted: 1361314099

Hi, I would like to surprise my good friend on her birthday with a nice spa experience, so if you have some ideas, please let me know.

started by: Ofelia-380609 · last update: 1359067214 · posted: 1359067214

I am looking for a dermatologist and would appreciate a recommendation. So if anybody would know one in Copenhagen I would appreciate a name and a contact no.

started by: Tango-380608 · last update: 1358037759 · posted: 1357856488

Can anyone recommend a good chiropractor in Copenhagen?

started by: Forza · last update: 1357203248 · posted: 1357121218

I need an apointment with an English speaking fysio therapist with a sports specialization. Any recommendations?

started by: Rose-380611 · last update: 1355267211 · posted: 1355267211

Any nice swimming baths in central Copenhagen ?

started by: Allicat · last update: 1352112951 · posted: 1351786173

Can anyone recommend a place?   I know of Fitness DK and Fitness World. What about Fresh Fitness or maybe cross fitness. Any recommendations?   Thx

started by: Lily M. · last update: 1351208329 · posted: 1351208329

Can you recommend a massage place, where I can get a relaxing massage? I've done a lot of training lately and I'm in need of a quality massage....

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