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I would like to build a hedgehog shelter for my garden. Does anyone have any experience of this please?

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Hi, I am looking for shared accommodation either in Copenhagen or Odense by the last week of August 13. please provide me the information.

started by: IvetaP · last update: 1375824027 · posted: 1375824027

Hello! I was wondering if someone is renting a room in Copenhagen. I would be greatful for any help/offer. You can message me through mail- iveta.poga@inbox.lv Thanks.

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For anybody interested in Urban Farming/Gardening - there is a festival this coming Saturday and Sunday on Noerrebro. Sunday will have debate and information on the worldwide tendencies in Urban Farming. Noerrebro is one place in Copenhagen - any others ?

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Hi,  Expats in Denmark are often at a loss for finding home accessories and furniture that feel homely to them. Getting a house and filling out the right documents at the local municipality office is only the first step in relocation to a foreign country. Getting settled, comfy and feeling at home is the next and necessary step in making a successful transition. Busy Bees Interior Decorating helps expats making their house a home and we will help you stage it for sale, once you decide to leave. http://www.busybees.dk/busybees.dk/English_version.html

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Hi, We are looking for a good garden center close to Lyngby to buy plants for the garden but also to get some advise regarding plants suitable for the Danish climate, so if any of you have some good experience, please share.

started by: Angel-380590 · last update: 1362327019 · posted: 1362327019

We are looking for a good garden center for few new plants for our garden this spring. Any ideas?

started by: Mom x2 · last update: 1359454603 · posted: 1359454603

I want some plants for my garden house. Any recommendations as to where I should go an purchase them?

started by: Ann01-380619 · last update: 1358984509 · posted: 1358984509

Would you now a market or a cool shop where you can buy old French pots for the terrace?

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Hi Friends, A portable shed is typically an outdoor shed designed for a number of uses, which can be fairly easily transported. The amount of protection and portability such a shed provides can vary quite a bit, so you should consider various features. Portable sheds can come in a wide array of sizes, so you should be sure to choose a shed that will be large enough for what you need. A portable shed can provide a great deal of storage for tools, outdoor furniture and mowers, and even vehicles, but you want to be sure your shed will fit what you wish to store. Best WishesDabney Walkergoodsgardensheds[dot]com  

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Greetings to all,This is Dabney Walker. I am a new member of this site. I would appreciate any and all input, information, as well as recommendations. I am glad to be here, and look forward to sharing many discussions about different things with you all.Thanks a lot!Dabney Walker

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I am going on skiing holiday for 10 days. Can I leave my orchids without water for that long or should I get a flower-sitter?

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Looking for a good garden center. Any recommendations?

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When should I cut this?  thanks

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I am looking for a gardener for probably once a week in the winter and twice a week in the summer.

started by: Dec-380602 · last update: 1348046788 · posted: 1348046788

When should I do this? Thanks

started by: Carol-380603 · last update: 1344171702 · posted: 1344171702

Looking to decorate a childs room with fairy wall stickers. Any ideas pls.

started by: Carol-380603 · last update: 1339523322 · posted: 1339523322

Lots of gardening magazines to give away. Contact me through this site

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Can anybody guide me to a good garden center in Copenhagen ?

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I am looking for second hand furniture - either from garage sales or markets. Any ideas?

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