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Find many different brands on sale, such as Peak Performance, Han KjĂžbenhavn, Kenzo or Lacoste. Free shipping in all of Denmark makes this a prime website to get your shopping done after moving to the country. Check us out at https://spreeglee.com/collections/kenzo 

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Hi all, I am looking for somewhere where I can go for bike rides with my daughter (who will be riding her own bike). Thanks for your suggestions!

started by: NappaV · last update: 1420283911 · posted: 1420149306

We would like to go skiing either one day or one weekend in January. We would like to get ideas or recommendations for places close by in Sweden.

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How do I find information about the skate competition by the end of the month? 

started by: Applepie-380628 · last update: 1407837781 · posted: 1407834411

Would anybody know if it is possible to swim in the pool in the habour by Islands Brygge all year round?

started by: Scooby-Doo · last update: 1403215754 · posted: 1403042666

I can recommend to bring the family to Islands Brygge for picnic and football. Great weather and great ambiance. 

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I am participating in a running event on Saturday which is organised as a treasure hunt. It should be an excellent way of experiencing Copenhagen and also a nice social event. Anybody else going?

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Does anybody know if any of the games will be played in Copenhagen, or do you have to go to Herning to watch a game?

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Any suggestions for a good yoga class in Hellerup?

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I am looking for an old boys football team - any ideas?

started by: Iceage-380683 · last update: 1380237431 · posted: 1380237431

Remember that there is the local derby in football this Saturday between FCK and Broendby. There are still tickets left.

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Talking of volleyball can somebody tell me which channels are showing the matches in the European Championship?

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 My son of 18 is looking for a volley team of a relatively good level and around his age. Since he is studying he can probably practise twice a week but not more than that. Any idea where to go?

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Where do I buy tickets for the event? As it is only the semifinals and the final that is played in Copenhagen I guess there will be preliminary matches around the country?

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Does anybody know how you sign up for the event and if there is an age limit for children ? I have a 5 year old who can probably walk 1-2 km?

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I just heard it's in CPH - where can I buy tickets for the long run?

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I remember seeing a few topics about beachvolley. Anybody aware of a club or a team to join to play some beachvolley on weekends in or around Copenhagen?

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I am looking for a squash partner. I have been playing a couple of times in the Copenhagen Squash Club located at Vestersoegade but I could elsewhere. I have been playing squash on a regular basis for about 3 years.

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Any idea where to go and watch the game on Saturday night?

started by: Scooby-Doo · last update: 1368023968 · posted: 1367793524

Would anybody know whether there is local company football teams in Copenhagen that would be looking for players? I joined one when I lived in France and it was great fun. It would be funny to find a team in Copenhagen.

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