Exhibitions & Art

Gillian Wearing from Thu 12th Oct to Sun 7th Jan
What does a real Danish family look like in 2016? This is the question explored by British artist Gillian Wearing in a new project that scrutinises the concept of family and challenges our ideas of what “real” and “Danish” actually means. A nationwide campaign will eventually lead to the se...
Pettersen & Hein from Fri 1st Jul to Sun 31st Dec
French Art 1900-1930 from Mon 24th Apr to Mon 1st Jan
In the exhibition, French Art 1900-1930, you can experience some of the museum's most famous works by artists such as Picasso, Braque, Derain and Matisse.
Nairy Baghramian from Wed 1st Nov to Thu 1st Mar
Creating sculptures and installation art out of everything from aluminium and fibreglass to textiles, rope and robber, Iranian-born artist Nairy Baghramian will produce a range of new works especially for x-rummet.
X-Rummet from Thu 4th May to Sun 3rd Sep
In his art practice, Mark Leckey works with everything from collage, sculpture and installation art to sound, video and performances.
What Lies Unspoken from Fri 5th May to Mon 1st Jan
To mark the 100th anniversary of the sale of the Danish West Indies to the USA, SMK delves into untold stories from Denmark’s colonial rule in the West Indies. Working in collaboration with the Malmö University research project Living Archives, we home in on oft-overlooked stories about the blac...
Focus on Danish & Nordic Art 1750-1900 from Sat 8th Apr to Sun 13th Aug
SMK brings out its very best Nordic works of art in a new display. Come and enjoy bright summer nights, golden cornfields and magnificent Nordic wildernesses.