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Clinical Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist( DHP) ,

Nlp Master practitioner (ANLP) ,Life coach, BWRT Practitioner, Eft Practitioner.

I have over 20 years experience in therapy ,life coaching and performance coaching.

I was trained by Dr Stephen Covey In the 7/8 habits of highly effective people.

I have been involved with the training of new therapist learning NLP in a number of colleges around UK. 

I have worked internationally , My professional Career extends to working with Politicians, Billionaire business people ,Olympic and Paralympic international athletes , British motor cross team ,Profession rugby players and sports people.Ex military ,

Also individuals from all walks of life and different back grounds ,some of these include Drug addicts, Alcoholics, homeless ,ex offenders ,individuals who have anxiety. depression, Ptsd, phobias, fears, stress ,family break downs ,Grieving etc weight reduction,

 Along with helping clients break free of adversity and negative behaviors ,I also assist in building self confidence ,self empowerment ,self worth ,personal development ,Goal setting and helping clients find the motivation and inspiration to empower there lives.

The purpose of life is to have a life full of purpose .

Well positive also through out the year run wellness breaks and retreats .  

I also have another website www.inspirationworld.co.uk  where you can find some of my previous testimonials.