Insect, Pest & Rot Treatment

Dealing with the causes of humidity including pluvial infiltration, condensation, capillary rising, hygroscopic salts and contact with the ground.
Control Natural de Plagas
Fumigation for eradication and sanitation of business and domestic premises. For cockroaches, ants, wasps, mosquitoes, rats, mice, spiders, beetles, termites and other pests. 24 hour service.
Pest Control Spain
Pest control services in domestic and commercial premises with the eradication of infestations and insect problems. Certified to inspect bars and restaurants and issue full pest control certification. Located at Avenida del Mar 37, 03187 Los Montesinos.
Sovereign Solutions
Professional damp proofing solutions for penetration, lateral and rising damp, water ingress, leaking roofs and balconies. With multiple damp proofing solutions for small or major repairs fully guaranteed. At Partida El Planet 173, 03590 Altea, Alicante.